• XXTERRA Herbal Immune Stimulation - 2 oz

    XXTERRA Herbal Immune Stimulation - 2 oz

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    XXTERRA is an herbal formulation of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride solution, combined and stirred into a smooth brown paste. Bloodroot contains sanguinarine (the primary component), chelarathrine and protopine, all of which are alkaloids. Zinc chloride promotes inflammation of the sarcoids surface and with the alkaloids, alters the sarcoid cells so they become antigenic to the host. Accordingly, XXTERRA™ alters the antigenicity of a sarcoid to stimulate the host's immune system and result in an immune rejection reaction of the sarcoid.

    Directions: Apply to sarcoid once daily for 4 days. Rest for 10-20 days. Repeat process if tumor has not sloughed. Bandaging: if possible bandage area after application and check in 5-7 days. Repeat process if needed. May require additional applications.

  • Note: If sarcoid is located by cartilage in ear, a hole could occur.
  • XXTERRA is not harmful to normal flesh. If product contacts skin or eyes, rinse with water.
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    sarcoid by izzi from Downpatrick Northern Ireland10/23/2012

    treatment ongoing 7 sarcoid at the start 4 fallen off still treating the other three would recommend this treatment.

    Equine Sarcoid by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx05/20/2014

    The sarcoids reduced in size during the first five days of treatment. I am confident, the remains will be eliminated after more 20 days. The horse gets the ointment during feeding barley. So it is "friendly". One kick hit me, cause the sarcoid on his "private" is starting to pain and he does not like me to touch. I am very happy about the delivery in a big letter as registered mail. No control stopped the product.

    the best results by Andrew01/10/2012

    The best product tested for the treatment of equine sarcoid on my horse. Warning only with advice from the vet!

    xx terra by ecurie bernatets from macon- france06/22/2013

    The product works effectively on sarcoids within 5 days

    Just great by Luckynori from Austria, Europe05/10/2013

    we put the stuff on a sarcoid on a horse and it fell off just 5 days later - we are still waiting for the results in the ears of my pony - but its really working!

    It's too early to tell by palaemona from Nykoping, Sweden06/04/2012

    Since I just received XXTERRA Herbal Immune Stimulation for my horse, it's hard to tell how good it is. I would like to wait to review this product if possible. I did not get a manual for using it: am I supposed to use it every day or just once a week? Sincerely, Palaemona

    best purchase by posti10/20/2011

    The shipment was very quickly and the creme is amazing helpful!

    XXTerra by Michaela10/23/2012

    The xxterra helped to reduce the sarkoids of my horse. Nevertheless they are still not gone completely. When I think, ok the wound closes, the sarkoid starts to grow again. I apply the xxterra again and the sarkoid gets smaller again.

    excelent product for sarcoides in horses by Martha cardenas01/09/2014

    Excelente producto para los sarcoides en los caballos despues de dos años es lo unico que ha servido

    xxtera herbal immune stimulation by roxy03/18/2014

    the scab fell of after the first treatment, it is an area about 2" by 3" on the mare's side of nose lip area. It is just starting to heal and I think by the look of it, it will need a second treatment. Hopefully it will continue to improve. I feel if I had of known about this treatment a year ago it would have improved the chances of the treatment working better as the scaroid was much smaller.

    by from 12/27/2013

    super mittel. gute wirkung auch wenn etwas teuer. schneller versand und sichere abwicklung.

    greetings by from from switzerlandimmer


    bern switzerland by from tom"



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