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Zentonil Plus

Zentonil Plus

Liver Support Supplement for Pets

The liver performs some crucial functions in dogs and cats. It filters toxins out of their blood, produces bile that helps digest fat, and stores glycogen as a backup source of energy. When the liver is not able to function properly, acute or chronic liver problems can occur. Common causes of liver problems in dogs and cats include diseases such as infectious canine hepatitis and fatty liver disease, certain medications and exposure to harmful chemicals. Liver problems produce a variety of symptoms ranging from jaundice to chronic vomiting. Liver problems require proper veterinary care. Supplements that support healthy liver function can also help.

Zentonil Plus for dogs and cats is a supplement that is designed to provide help for acute and chronic liver damage and mild liver disease. It is also used to help treat or prevent liver problems that occur due to drugs such as NSAIDs. The active ingredient in this product is S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), which makes liver cell membranes stronger. This helps repair liver damage, supports the formation of antioxidants that help protect the liver from free radical damage and promotes healthy liver function. Zentonil Plus for hepatic stress comes in the form of flavored tablets for cats and small, medium and large-sized dogs.

Zentonil Plus for Small Dogs & Cats 100mg (30 tablets)
Zentonil Plus for Small Dogs & Cats 100mg (30 tablets)

($39.99)  $30.39
Zentonil Plus for Small to Medium Dogs 200mg (30 tablets)
Zentonil Plus for Small to Medium Dogs 200mg (30 tablets)

($49.99)  $38.09
Zentonil Plus for Medium and Large Dogs 400mg (30 tablets)
Zentonil Plus for Medium and Large Dogs 400mg (30 tablets)

($89.99)  $68.99
ZENTONIL is a nutritional supplement intended for dogs and cats with liver diseases.

ZENTONIL is a nutritional supplement that provides an effective therapeutic agent for liver support in dogs and cats. The ingredient, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), is a naturally occurring compound that is found in almost every tissue and fluid in the body. ZENTONIL can be used in all cases where the liver requires some support such as...

  • acute or chronic liver damage
  • mild liver disease
  • regular treatment of liver damaging drugs (Phenobarbital, NSAIDs, glucocorticoids, etc.)

  • SAMe is used by the liver in many biochemical pathways. It has been shown to strengthen the cell membranes; thus, improving liver cell function and providing the building blocks for antioxidants used by the liver.

    ZENTONIL Facts:

  • Nutritional supplement
  • Natural chemical produced from the amino acid called methionine
  • Protects and supports healthy liver functiont
  • Improves antioxidant levels that protect cells from toxins
  • Protects and repairs liver cells
  • Easy-to-administer, palatable tablets that can be split
  • Available in different sized, scored tablets 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg
  • Directions:
  • Use as directed by your veterinarian
  • Follow the instructions on the label
  • ZENTONIL at room temperature and away from light and moisture
  • Be sure to continue the medication to insure a full recovery, even if your pet seems to be improving or unless you consult with your veterinarian
  • Duration of administration depends on the condition being treated and the response to the medication and development of any adverse effects
  • Allow your pet access to plenty of water
  • ZENTONIL should be administered on an empty stomiach - 1 hour before or 2 hours after meal

  • Dosage for Dogs and Cats
    Body Weight (lbs) ZENTONIL 100 ZENTONIL 200 ZENTONIL 400
    Less than 5 lbs 1/2 tablet - -
    5 - 11 lbs 1 tablet 1/2 tablet -
    11 - 22 lbs 2 tablets 1 tablet 1/2 tablet
    22 - 33 lbs - 1.5 tablets 1 tablet
    33 - 44 lbs - 2 tablets 1 tablet
    44 - 66 lbs - - 1.5 tablets
    66 - 110 lbs - - 2 tablets
    Over 110 lbs - - 3 tablets

    Dosage FAQ's
  • Im the case of a missed dose of ZENTONIL, give it as soon as you remember or just wait until it is time to give the next one. DO NOT GIVE A DOUBLE DOSE OF ZENTONIL.
  • In the case of an overdose of ZENTONIL, seek attention from your veterinarian.

  • ZENTONIL Warnigs:
  • Do not give ZENTONIL to any animal that has had an allergic reaction to SAMe
  • Blood tests are necessary to monitor liver values

  • Possible Side Effects With Zentonil:
  • Nausea
  • Behavioral Changes

  • This supplement is usually well tolerated. If you notice anything unusual, contact your veterinarian.
    Methionine as S-Adenosylmethionine: 200mg per tablet, lactose, magnesium oxide

    Guaranteed analysis:
    Crude protein (Min.) 29.00%
    Crude Fibre (Max.) 22.00%
    Crude ash (Max.) 6.10%
    Moisture (Max.) 5.61%
    Crude fat (Min.) 1.80%
    Sodium (Min.) 0.84%
    Copper (Min.) 3 mg/kg

    Keep in a cool and dry place.
    Store in the original pack.
    Keep the container tightly closed.
    Keep out of reach of children
    4.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Zentonil Plus for Small Dogs & Cats 100mg (30 tablets)


    Featured Reviews for Zentonil Plus for Small to Medium Dogs 200mg (30 tablets)
    Captain by Christy05/21/2013

    Dr. Prescribed this medication saying it was a life time medication needed for my Boston terrier. Bought it the first time from her and knew I had to find the medicine at a more affordable price. That's when I found Entirely Pets. I have been buying it for over a year now the price has remained the same. I send my order in and it is at my front door within 2 days. Wonderful service.

    Great service by Nat3074 from Vancouver B.C.01/07/2013

    Thanks for the prompt shipping and great prices. I will be a repeat customer!

    Good Price & Service by Do not have one03/14/2013

    Saving about $10 per bottle including shipping.

    Featured Reviews for Zentonil Plus for Medium and Large Dogs 400mg (30 tablets)
    very affordable by christina from Hammonton,NJ10/24/2012

    my oldest dog needs to take this every day for his liver disease it is much more affordable here and is the same product i would get from my vet. i tell all my friends to order from this site.

    We love this liver supplement by ann06/01/2012

    my dog went into liver failure last year. Along with this supplement and a couple of others and a special home made diet he is back to normal (for an old guy!) Very easy to use.

    Zentonil Plus 400 Large Dog by Frani from Broadalbin, NY04/04/2012

    My dog is large, therefore needs more medicine than a smaller dog. At 30 pills in a bottle and 6 pills per day, a bottle does not last long! It cost me 1/3 the price at my vets and my dog has to be on them forever!! What a cost savings! I am also looking at other products on your site that can help "Jack" be healthier. Thank you!

    Zentonil Plus by Peggy from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada06/20/2013

    Fabulous results with this product. My vet wanted my dog on it because his liver enzymes were high. Worked very well. His liver enzymes are in the normal zone now. Would never do without it. I buy it from Entirely Pets because it is too expensive at my vet. Good service and good delivery time even to Canada.

    by Jan01/20/2012

    Product seems to be working great as a supplement to other drugs to improve & preserve the function of my dog's liver.

    Changed my Dogs health by catherinebrody08/16/2012

    This product has turned my dog around. He has liver issues and now after being on this medication long term - he is back to his normal self. I am anxious to have his blood taken again to check his enzymes. From his behaviour and state of health now I am sure the enzymes will be down. Great product!!

    Better than other brands by Debra from Anchorage, AK07/18/2012

    Although my dog does not like the taste of this, it is crushable and can be halved, unlike every other brand we have tried, and much less expensive when purchased through EntirelyPets. My dog Denali is taking this for elevated liver enzymes and degeneration of her knees. I

    Saved money by Captain08/07/2012

    I saved $39 over what my vet. was charging me for the exact same medication.

    Very fast delivery - exacatly what I needed by ferretfriend from Washington12/13/2011

    This product was perscribed by my vet for our dog who has the start of a liver problem. It is very expensive through the vet and we were concern about affording it. It was much less expensive on this site and delivered within two days. It is the exact product we need and this product is making a huge difference for our dog.

    What a bargain! by Fiona from Edmonton AB Canada07/21/2012

    Cost less than half the price of what I normally pay. Very quick delivery, too. Highly recommend!

    by Shelly04/01/2012

    Entirely Pets provides great service and cost for this medication that my dog needs.

    Miraculous!! by Kirby11/14/2012

    My almost 13 year old dog was diagnosed with liver cancer and the vet told us that Zenitol would help him. The cost from the vet was over $150 for a 2 week supply. Although you really can't put a price on your dog, reality must remain. I found entirely pets online and the medication less than 1/2 price and it shippped all the way to Canada in less than 10 days, i was thrilled. The best thing is, my dog feels fantastic. The difference it has made is phenominal, he's like a puppy!

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