• Zentonil Plus for Medium and Large Dogs 400mg (30 tablets)

    Zentonil Plus for Medium and Large Dogs 400mg (30 tablets)

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    Zentonil Plus is a nutritional supplement that provides a safe and effective therapeutic tool for the relief of hepatic stress with the ingredient S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe), which has been clinically proven in veterinary trials to support and protect hepatocellular function in pets.

    Zentonil Plus contains microencapsulated SAMe in a divisible, highly palatable formulation for hepatoprotection in acute or chronic cases:
  • Subclinical or mild liver disease
  • Regular administration of potentially hepatotoxic drugs (phenobarbital, NSAIDs, glucocorticoids, etc.)

  • Zentonil Exclusive New Microencapsulation Technology:
  • SAMe particles are individually coated before being formed into a tablet
  • Palatable tablets can be split, crushed or chewed for easier administration and accurate dosing
  • Easy-to-administer to help increase compliance
  • Proven palatability
  • Rapid bioavailability

  • Ingredients:
    Methionine as S-Adenosylmethionine: 400mg per tablet, lactose, magnesium oxide

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (Min): 29.00%
    Crude Fibre (Max): 22.00%
    Crude Ash (Max): 6.10%
    Moisture (Max): 5.61%
    Crude Fat (Min): 1.80%
    Sodium (Min): 0.84%
    Copper (Min): 3 mg/kg

    Recommendations for use:
    1 tablet/20kg body weight/day
    The tablet can be split in two.

    Keep in a cool and dry place.
    Store in the original pack.
    Keep in the container tightly closed.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Usage Information

    Recommendations for use:
    1 tablet/20kg body weight/day
    The tablet can be split in two.

    Keep in a cool and dry place.
    Store in the original pack.
    Keep in the container tightly closed.

    Keep out of reach of children.


    Methionine as S-Adenosylmethionine: 400mg per tablet, lactose, magnesium oxide

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (Min): 29.00%
    Crude Fibre (Max): 22.00%
    Crude Ash (Max): 6.10%
    Moisture (Max): 5.61%
    Crude Fat (Min): 1.80%
    Sodium (Min): 0.84%
    Copper (Min): 3 mg/kg

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Life Saving for our Dog by CindyL from Abbotsford , BC, Canada12/27/2013

    We have a 10 year old boxer who has been very active, but just over a year ago, she seemed to be on her way to heaven, after taking her to the vet and having some blood work done, he put her on this liver supplement, and ever since we have had a second chance with our girl! It works fantastic!

    Zentonil Plus 400 mg by chopperchef from Erin , Ontario , Canada06/12/2014

    I was skeptical about giving our dog who has pancreatitis at first .Our vet recommended this product but was too expensive to use on a full time basis .Checked on line with Entirelypets and read the customer reviews about this product .We bought 2 months supply and hoped for the best .Within 2 weeks we noticed a big difference with our dog , she was more alert , active , and looked more alive . The big test was the next week when we took her to the vet for urine and blood work . The first thing that the vet said to us was that this was a new dog .Something was different about her , she was on a few different medications over the last few previous months and had not improved . The vet did the 2 tests and to our amazement , there were big improvements with the results .The urine came back clean and at 100% and the blood work had also progressed to positive territory . I don't understand all the results in vet terms , but the vet said that it was a hug change for the best .So seeing is believing . My wife and I are very happy with the results .Our dog is aging and probably doesn't have many more years left , but if we had not have used this product I not sure how much longer our dog would have lasted with her pre-existing condition , we had tried all means prescribed by the vet until using this product .So bottom line is that we are sold on Zentonil Plus 400 mg .Thanks John + Janet Clifton.

    Saved money by Captain08/07/2012

    I saved $39 over what my vet. was charging me for the exact same medication.

    Miraculous!! by Kirby11/14/2012

    My almost 13 year old dog was diagnosed with liver cancer and the vet told us that Zenitol would help him. The cost from the vet was over $150 for a 2 week supply. Although you really can't put a price on your dog, reality must remain. I found entirely pets online and the medication less than 1/2 price and it shippped all the way to Canada in less than 10 days, i was thrilled. The best thing is, my dog feels fantastic. The difference it has made is phenominal, he's like a puppy!

    Changed my Dogs health by catherinebrody08/16/2012

    This product has turned my dog around. He has liver issues and now after being on this medication long term - he is back to his normal self. I am anxious to have his blood taken again to check his enzymes. From his behaviour and state of health now I am sure the enzymes will be down. Great product!!

    Great price & service! by Nannalin from Amesbury, MA08/19/2013

    I'm so glad I found Entirely Pets!! I was paying double at the vet's office for the Zentonil Plus! The service is excellent, and I receive product within 5 days or less. I would definitely recommend to others. Thanks!

    by Shelly04/01/2012

    Entirely Pets provides great service and cost for this medication that my dog needs.

    Very fast delivery - exacatly what I needed by ferretfriend from Washington12/13/2011

    This product was perscribed by my vet for our dog who has the start of a liver problem. It is very expensive through the vet and we were concern about affording it. It was much less expensive on this site and delivered within two days. It is the exact product we need and this product is making a huge difference for our dog.

    Zentonil Supplement by Carol C05/10/2014

    This product has helped keep Hoagie's liver enzymes down. We found out she had elevated enzymes when we took her in for dental surgery. We had to wait until the levels came down. The vet's price is about twice as much as Entirely Pets price! If we need to purchase any other supplements, we will definitely look at Entirely Pets to purchase them!

    We love this liver supplement by ann06/01/2012

    my dog went into liver failure last year. Along with this supplement and a couple of others and a special home made diet he is back to normal (for an old guy!) Very easy to use.

    Zentonil Plus by Peggy from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada06/20/2013

    Fabulous results with this product. My vet wanted my dog on it because his liver enzymes were high. Worked very well. His liver enzymes are in the normal zone now. Would never do without it. I buy it from Entirely Pets because it is too expensive at my vet. Good service and good delivery time even to Canada.

    Zentonil Plus 400 Large Dog by Frani from Broadalbin, NY04/04/2012

    My dog is large, therefore needs more medicine than a smaller dog. At 30 pills in a bottle and 6 pills per day, a bottle does not last long! It cost me 1/3 the price at my vets and my dog has to be on them forever!! What a cost savings! I am also looking at other products on your site that can help "Jack" be healthier. Thank you!

    by Jan01/20/2012

    Product seems to be working great as a supplement to other drugs to improve & preserve the function of my dog's liver.

    Better than other brands by Debra from Anchorage, AK07/18/2012

    Although my dog does not like the taste of this, it is crushable and can be halved, unlike every other brand we have tried, and much less expensive when purchased through EntirelyPets. My dog Denali is taking this for elevated liver enzymes and degeneration of her knees. I

    by from 09/11/2014

    Entirely Pets has given me a much cheaper way of keeping my best friend alive. Zentonil has slowed down my dogs liver disease.

    Barrie, Ontario, Canada by from Thanks!"


    What a bargain! by Fiona from Edmonton AB Canada07/21/2012

    Cost less than half the price of what I normally pay. Very quick delivery, too. Highly recommend!

    very affordable by christina from Hammonton,NJ10/24/2012

    my oldest dog needs to take this every day for his liver disease it is much more affordable here and is the same product i would get from my vet. i tell all my friends to order from this site.

    Great service by Moonchild from Las Vegas, Nv.08/01/2014

    I couldn't believe how fast I got my order. It was within a day or two after I ordered and that was ordering ground shipping. Very happy with entirelypets service and products.

    Good product by Oreo03/02/2014

    Our dog has really turned around health wise after she started taking this past year.


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