• Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 fl. oz.

    Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 fl. oz.

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    Dogs and cats are prone to ear infections for a number of reasons, but you can use Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free cream to kill the infection, no matter what its origin may be. Called otitis externa, these infections are most often caused by yeast and other factors. Itching, pain and rawness are some of the symptoms you may notice in your pet. Help your pet get relief by applying Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free cream. When rubbed onto a dirty canine or feline ear, the cream combats the bacteria and yeast. After a week of daily applications, the infection should be gone. Chronic infections may need two weeks of daily application for relief. See your vet if the infection doesn't seem to be subsiding. Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free cream is a topical cream that works best on unwashed ears, and you should keep your pet away from water throughout the treatment process.

    Directions: Apply liberally to dirty ear, filling ear canal. Gently massage and work into infected area. Wipe to remove excess. Treat once a day for 7 days, 14 days for chronic infections. Recommended for extended use on persistant cases. Post treatment flush is recommended to remove any residual product and accumulated dead skin cells.

    Ingredients: Glycerin, Deionized Water, Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium lodide, Dextrose, Propylene Glycol, Glucose Oxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin.

    Cautions: DO NOT clean ears before or during treatment. Do not use conjunction with other topical war medications or cleaners. Do not allow water in or near ear during treatment. If condition persists or worsens, consult your veterinarian. Do not use on punctured ear drums. Do not use on pregnant or lactating females. Keep out of reach of children.

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    LAB EARS by DOGSKI from NORTON,OHIO02/07/2012


    Great Product! by Ski07/15/2012

    My poodle has waxy ears. This product does a really nice job of softening the wax in his inner ears. After a treatment, when he shakes his head, the wax comes flying out. My vet introduced me to this product.

    Great For Rabbits! by MissBunny420 from St. Augustine, Florida11/02/2011

    Hi there, my bunny is a lop and has those pesky ear problems that often plague them. He developed large lumps just under the base of his ears. I treated him with injectable penicillin for some time and saw some results, but them decided to approach the problem topically....using Baytril Otic drops and an ear wash. When I finished up the Baytril, the lumps were way smaller, but not completely gone. I contacted my vet and he suggested the Zymox, saying that it was effective on stubborn cases. Well, I'm here to say that the Zymox will be my first line of attack when the problem reoccurs. It's not always easy to find "rabbit safe" products AND this product is also safe for long term use. That's why I purchased the 4 oz. bottle.....it's economical, effective and easy to use.

    Remarkable product. by sylsne from Pahrump, NV04/09/2014

    I tried several meds. that the Vet perscribed and none worked. My sister told me about your product, I ordered it and WOW did it ever work. And like in a few days Holly stopped scratching her ears! And I had trusted the Vet for two years with his perscriptions. Thank you so much for your product.

    Works well by David from North Grenville, Ontario01/06/2014

    I have a Golden Retriever who is prone to yeast infections, Zymox Otic cleared it right up!

    by mist from Libertyville, IL11/02/2011

    this is a good product, if your dog has chronic yeast infections in their ears

    THIS PRODUCT WORKS! by Dark Cloak Danes01/31/2012

    Zymox Octic does what it says! The first application, Day One, removed the *Stinky* build up. The second,Day Three, soothed the ear and eased the irritation * No more ear flapping* and a much happpier dog. The third,Day Five, has removed all the deep *Gucky* build up and the *Redness* has gone away. Easy to use and at a great price! I will always keep Zymox Octic.

    Love this product by Andy07/06/2012

    My dogs ears have had a bad infection for months and nothing has helped. I ordered this product and after a few weeks there has been a huge improvement and I think another few weeks will have them totally clear.

    Effective Remedy! by Mike from Miami, Fla.05/07/2013

    The product was effective in treating my dogs' ear problem. Apparently it does what it's supposed to.

    Good for stubborn inflammation by Ruthe from Michigan12/09/2012

    Zymox Ear Cleaner twice a week usually keeps ears clear but when inflammation breaks through a few days of Otic does the trick.

    by from 10/16/2013

    My lop bunny, like many lops, is predisposed to ear problems. I had tried many other products, mostly RX stuff, and had not really conquered the issue...until a vet suggested Zymox. He said that it had worked on some stubborn cases that hadn't responded to other treatments. And in Leroy's case, it was the thing that finally worked.

    easy by to from useThis


    sure by to from haveI



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