• Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - 4 fl. oz.

    Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - 4 fl. oz.

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    Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by chronic swelling and pain in the outer part of the ears. Simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt them and can lead to aggression. Zymoc Otic is manufactured by PKB Animal Health, a well-known manufacturer of pet care and veterinary products. It provides quick relief for your pet and also eliminates the bacteria and fungi that caused the infection. It is safe to use as a long-term medication and is especially beneficial for persistent cases of otitis externa. Zymox Otic without hydrocortisone is also available, but it may not be effective for swollen or inflamed ears. Hydrocortisone can also help reduce the itchiness and redness that is often present in this type of condition. Cleaning your pet's ears after applying Zymox Otic is important in order to remove the solution that has accumulated in the ear canal. Directions: Apply liberally to dirty ear, filling ear canal. Gently massage and work into infected area. Wipe to remove excess. Treat once a day for 7 days, 14 days for chronic infections. Recommended for extended use on persistant cases. Post treatment flush is recommended to remove any residual product and accumulated dead skin cells. Ingredients: Glycerin, Deionized Water, Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium lodide, Hydrocortisone, Dextrose, Propylene Glycol, Glucose Oxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin. Cautions: DO NOT clean ears before or during treatment. Do not use conjunction with other topical war medications or cleaners. Do not allow water in or near ear during treatment. If condition persists or worsens, consult your veterinarian. Do not use on punctured ear drums. Do not use on pregnant or lactating females. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Excellent Product - Works Great by Dog Lover08/05/2014

    My three year old Beagle had some dark material in her ears and after cleaning them and trying a few natural treatments they looked better, but not completely better. I really didn't think she had ear mites, but to be sure I brought her to the vet. She viewed the "material" under a microscope and said it wasn't mites but was a fungal issue and gave me this product. I used it as directed and within seven days her ears were perfectly clean and clear of any debris or redness. A few weeks later I was looking on line and found I could order it myself ! About a year later she had the same issue so I was able to treat her myself without the hassle and expense of going to the vet.

    Great Product & Service by Loree from San Diego CA11/01/2011

    This product works better than the prescription product my vet has recommended. Great product that was shipped sooner than expected. Great service!

    Worked Well by cytosara02/08/2013

    My dog had a longstanding ear infection with frequent ear flapping and head shaking, despite the use of cleaning solutions. He had a reddish brown discharge in his ears. This product seemed to bring him instant relief. We finished a course of 14 days, and the reddish brown discharge was gone. We'll continue using the cleanser for maintenance, and hopefully the infection will stay away!

    Ears by MC08/03/2014

    A money saving treatment for ear problems. Use once a month to help prevent reoccurring ear troubles. Also use for chronic ear issues. It saves a trip to the vet.

    I have been using this product for years :) by metrussa from Glen Carbon,IL.11/30/2011

    I have a 11 year old lab who has suffered with chronic yeast/bacteria infections in his right ear for the past 8 years. Our first visit to the vet he was prescribed a script only med.They would refill a couple times then he would need to be seen again.We already knew what the problem was so this was becoming costly.I looked into alternatives and ran across this product gave it a try and have been using it ever since. I have recommended this to family and friends and all have the same praises.

    Great stuff by Viv from Michigan02/07/2013

    This works great with the cleanser.. between the both of them it is keeping my dog ears free from infections,No other products work as well as Zymox highly recommended...

    by doglover<310/06/2011

    my yellow lab gets recurring ear infections, this always clears them up, and if i try to purchase from the vet, they tell me i have to bring her in, after 11yrs, i know what an ear infection is. Entirely Pets is the only place i have found where i can purchase without a prescription! And they are very quick with delivery also, and great price. Love the product and Love the website!

    Works! by val from Louisiana06/02/2013

    Love this stuff for my dog's ear. Clears up his ears in no time, and best of all, I received it extremely fast!! Thank you!!

    by from 10/25/2011

    I tried many products from my Vet which did not clear up my bull dogs ear issue with bacteria. A large pet store clerk told me about the Zymox and told me to go to this website to purchase it.

    and by I from haveMy


    Happy Ears! by Kerty04/06/2012

    I have a couple of cats that have had chronic ear problems and many visits to the vet $$$, we started to use this and they are doing much better,all cleared up in a 7 - 10days.We keep this on hand for flair ups. very pleased with this.

    Great item by pcon11704/25/2014

    For anyone who has ever had a dog with an ear infection...this product is wonderful. No longer do you have to wash/rinse out the ear and then apply medicine. You just use Zymox and it not only clenases the ear canal but cures the infection. Wonderful to use.

    NO BETTER PRODUCT AVAILABLE!!! by Deb from Indiana01/31/2012

    We raise Goldendoodles and have this product in clinic size on auto ship. We use nothing else. When our first puppy had an ear infection, our vet provided commonly used ear washes and medications of which our puppy showed a severe reaction to the treatment, changes to the treatment did not help. By this time, her ears were raw with open sores and she ran from me when I had the treatment in my hands. I researched and sent for a bottle of Zymox w hydrocortizone and began using 3-4 days before my return appt to the vet. Her ears started cooling/redness lessened sores started healing. I had to tell the vet that the second treament was no better and that I had began treatment w a natural product. He was impressed an told me to continue w what I was doing as it was working. That was over 2 years ago and as we breed we share this product w the adoptive famiies as well. We use Zymox ear cleaner/wash and Zymox w hydrocortozone together as a preventative and for potential infections. We have had no vet visits related to any ear problems/infections and also use Zymox oint for skin conidtions like rashes. We love Zymox products!!!

    Best treatment ever by florett from Boston MA07/21/2014

    This is the best ear treatment ever. When I started with a new vet two years ago, I asked if he endorsed Zymox, since I had started to use it? He said it was the only thing he used in ears! First, it works. Secondly, it doesn't built up resistance in the microbes. Third, it has no side effects in the treated animal. If you've got an ear infection in a dog, there is likely an allergy underlying it so I work on that too. But it relieves the pain and heals the ear right away.

    by from 04/27/2014

    Zymox works great! by apache's mom from rockwall texas12/18/2013

    My German Shepherd has chronic yeast. His ears can get so messy but after using Zymox Otic for a couple of days , his ears clear up. I'm so glad I found Zymox Otic for him.

    A product that really works! by FlaLady from Deltona, fla04/05/2013

    Having beagles (floppy ears) prone to ear problems, this has proven to be a fast, easy way to clear the problem! Great price, great product

    Ear problems by Poppyblu from Ft Lauderdale, FL11/06/2012

    Great for stopping ear problems such as yeast. I have a South African Mastiff who has frequent ear problems and I tried Otic as a cheaper alternative to Otimax and it has worked amazingly if not better than the Otimax for half the price and a larger bottle! I applied it twice a day for about three days and once the problem cleared up I apply it maybe once or twice if I see the problem coming back and its gone immediately.

    good job by LAIWANG from Taiwan04/24/2013

    Very good used i am satisfacied good for dog

    great product! by sandee06/19/2012

    We have 2 dogs (schnauzer and a labrador retriever) which were both bothered by chronic ear infections...often a visit to our vet meant another round of costly antibiotics. After using this product for just a short period of time...their ears have cleared, they do not constantly scratch, and their ears look great! We are all happy with the positive results. Whoof whoof from the happy dogs!

    Absolutely Brilliant Product by cazzle44 from Essex. United Kingdom06/27/2012

    Zymox Otic is the most wonderful Product Ever. I Have A Cocker Spaniel Who Has Suffered So Badly With Ear Trouble For The Past 6 Years, Just By Chance i Typed In Ear Cleaner And Found Zymox. Wish I Could Have Found This Sooner!! My Dog No Longer Constantly Shakes His head And His Ears Have no Infection. Shame I Cannot Purchase this product in the uk- Well worth paying the shipping costs i must say- so much cheaper than vets bills where no improvement was lasting. Thank you!!!!!

    Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone by May from Las Vegas, Nevada10/29/2011

    My dog had allergies and an ear infection. The zymox has helped rid her of the ear infection in a few days. She also had a really bad yeast infection where her nipples and arm pits were all black. I was able to put the Zymox all over her black spots for a few weeks and she is all clear now. This product is a life saver. My pit is much happier and less itchy:)

    Zymox Otic HC by EnglishRose05/05/2014

    Our dog has struggled with ear problems for years. It has been so frustrating and discouraging to have him suffer with the itch and pain. The vet bills have been outrageous and nothing prescribed ever seemed to help for any length of time. We have addressed dietary and environmental allergies. We have used all kinds of natural methods to attempt to eliminate the problem, as well. We have been using Zymox Otic for several weeks now with noticeable improvement. We are hopeful that with time and persistence, the Zymox Otic system will be totally effective. Our dog's ear problems are chronic and we recognize it may take a little extra time to achieve total success. It is wonderful to see our sweet puppy experiencing relief!

    Best ear cleaner, same as the vet used. by rtwobeagles from Denver, CO10/30/2013

    Same product used at my vet's office. Works great very happy

    Best purchase by Puppydog from North Carolina09/12/2014

    My dog has had a chronic ear infection. Nothing I've tried has helped other than this product. So far this is the best!

    Simply... Awesome by kitkat6510/06/2011

    This is THE best product I have used yet for treating my German Shepherd's recurring yeast infection in his ears. It started working immediately and brought fast relief to my furry friend. I am very pleased with this product and will certainly recommend to others.

    This Works! by KALA10/27/2011

    Our 8 yr old Golden Retriever has been plaqued with ear infections most of his little life. We have tried a million things in treating his chronic condition. I have used the Zymox cleanser with good success and thought I would try this product of theirs as well. I must say I am extremely pleased with the results. It truly aides in clearing whatever is going on in there! Thank you Zymox!

    Great purchase by Amy from Ohio02/23/2011

    Our Lab has ear issues any time he sneaks and gets into the trash or gest a peice of food off the floor. We have had him to the vet several timee and hundreds of dollars later. This product took care of the issue right away. I highly recommend this product for minor ear irratation/infections!!

    Fabulous product by Cynthia11/21/2011

    Product works where nothing from the vet ever did!

    Very Effective by Abby's Mom07/27/2012

    Great medicine, very effective for my dog's chronic yeast infections in her ears. Cheaper to buy online here than to go to vet!

    best purchase ever!!! by tmae02/05/2012

    My dog suffers from constant yeast infections in his ears. The vet charged $130.00 for visit and drops. So i researched the net and found Zymox kept popping up and was told Entirely Pets had the product. We are now happy dog and owner. It was definitely the best product!!! Thanks entirely pets

    best stuff by pepespet from Harrisburg, PA06/14/2013

    tried many other approaches to my dog's constant problem of brown ear wax causing itching and shaking. used as directed without cleaning the ears her problem cleared up magnificently. this was so great since she runs every time I mention the cleaning of ears or even move to get the supplies.

    Zymox by Jacks3402/28/2013

    My chocolate lab is prone to ear infections, I was going to the vet once a month and paying $160.00 for the visit and the meds. Since finding Zymox the ear infections have been less frequent and much cheaper to treat. I love this product

    Great for Ears by BandJmom from Wimberley, TX12/05/2013

    My vet recommended this product a couple of years ago to treat my rottweiler's ears after an ear infection. It's an amazing product! Easy to use, the gel appears to be comforting to my boys, and I now use it regularly (every 3 weeks or so) to prevent ear infections or discomfort.There is no mess involved. Typically, they don't like anyone messing with their ears, but once they see, then sniff, they lie back and let me tend to them. I recommend this product!

    A solution for ear infections! by PM - Albuquerque01/24/2013

    I used this Zymox 1% for an ear infection my beagle had. The infection clear in 5 days, and it was so easy to administer. He had a foul odor, had a brown waxy material in his left ear, and had been scratching his ear frequently. After the first dose, the scratching stopped (the hydrocortisone) and shortly less than 1 week, his ear infection cleared. I'm grateful that Entirelypets.com offered this product at a great price. Thank you! PM

    Fabulous for ears by Schnauzermom02/05/2013

    Once per day, this does a great job with stubborn ear infections on all my dogs and fosters...

    Zymox by Tossty04/19/2013

    I have used Zymox once a week for long time on my Dog for long time to avoid ear infection.

    Saved a lot of Vet Bills by Cosmo's Mom from Dallas, TX04/18/2012

    I've used this product on Cosmo (our dog) for several years now. He gets yeast allergies in his ears easily (especially when he plays in the water or takes a bath). This medication clears his ear problems every time!

    Awesome by Rescue Mom from Charlotte NC07/10/2012

    My dogs love to swim and it seems as if somebody was always brewing an ear infection. I start the Zymox Otic solution at the first sign of ear problems. I have been able to stop the never ending cycle of expensive ear cultures, antibiotics, steriods and greasy topical ointments.

    Good Choice by NJKaren02/16/2012

    Our cocker has constant ear and other allergy issues. His ears often are red and swollen with wax or dark discharge. However, they are not infected. I tried this product for 10 days. His ears are less red, do not see the wax and they are certainly not swollen. I am continuing once a week. He also is not digging at his ears like before.

    solved the problem by sydney11/16/2011

    I have it on hand at all times for my newfoundlands and cat when bacteria sets in. I discovered it on my own by reading reviews after spending $ at the vet for ear drops and an antibiotic that didn't work.

    It works by stumpjumper from Arkansas05/27/2013

    This is the only product we have ever found that worked for Molly our Boxadore. She is much much better!!

    Great Preventative Product by Jan from Southern California06/10/2014

    Zymox Otic with HC 1.0% was recommended by my vet. Once antibiotics have cleared up the infection, this solution, used proactively, is a preventative for ear infections/allergy conditions. What a relief for my dogs!

    Great product! by Banks from West Palm Beach, Fl01/12/2012

    My pit bull has chronic ear itching and this product has been very effective in controlling his problem.

    Best ear medicine ever by Kdmack from New Hazelton BC07/27/2012

    I have a Goldendoodle that has had chronic ear infections for most of his life. He would scratch his ears and we would have to clean them every 1-2 days. I did some google searches and found alot of recommendations for this product which cannot be found in Canada. I purchased the Zymox Otic and the zymox cleaning solution from Entirelypets. After about the 3rd day I noticed a difference, no leaking ears and no scratching! I treated my dogs ears for approximately 14 days and have not had to clean his ears since, its been almost 1 month and they are spotless. Incredible product and cant thank Zymox enough for how it made my dogs life better. Big thank you from Canada.

    by Yorkie Mom from Over the Rainbow12/22/2013

    Best product for keeping those tiny ears from getting itchy and annoying

    save a ton in vet bills! by mapo01/17/2012

    My lab gets several ear infections a year. Needless to say, spent tons of money at the vet. Tried Zymox Otic about 2 years ago, and have been using it for my labs ear infections, and have not had to go back to the vet for ear infections since!

    Ear med by Deb from Florida01/04/2014

    Super job. Nice using something natural. It's greasy

    REALLY WORKS by Sammy02/10/2012

    Tried other antibiotic for years and it would always come back. I noticed a difference within 3 days. No infection & no smell. My dog is happy again!AMAZING!

    by DMM06/05/2012

    The product was easy to use, it didn't have a bad smell and the ear infection went away.

    Best purchase I have ever made. by Nasophia from Mobile,Alabama01/18/2012

    I have spent $$$$$ at the vets office for chronic ear infections and nothing was effective, until I found Zymox at this company.

    Amazing by Martin04/06/2012

    I have a Shar Pei who has persistent ear problems. His ears require regular cleaning and we have used a couple of different ear cleaners with only limited results. After doing a little research about this product I decided to give it a go. Within a hour trying this solution we noticed a big difference. We have used the solution every day for a week as recommended and our dog's ear irritation has completely gone. I don`t believe he had a serious ear infection, but being a Shar pei he has suffered with ear problems on and off for about 2 years. We did visit our vet on 2 occasions and the ear cleaner they sold us did nothing to improve his condition. I would highly recommend this product.

    by from 05/15/2014

    The answer to chronic ear infections by gardengirl04/30/2014

    My ten year old Cockapoo has suffered with allergies all her life. After her vet treated her a few times with prednisone and antibiotics they would get better only to happen again. Fearing side effects from drugs so often I searched the internet and found Zymox. I have used it on her for many years now with good results. When her ears start bothering her she readily lets me apply it; she seems to know it heals.

    Great Product!!! by Debbie R from Levant, Maine12/28/2013

    We have a Golden Retriever and a Yorkie, who both have issues with their ears at least once a month. We know when their ears are bothering them when they start itching and rubbing their ears. We have been using this product for the last 3-4 years and always keep it in the house. I love the prices too. I've checked other sites and this site has the best prices!!!

    Zymox Otic by Tracey from Florida01/09/2012

    Excellent product, I usually use otomax for my mastiffs reoccurring yeast infection in his ear. I used this as an alternative and It does all that the reviews said it does & I didn't need a prescription!

    great product by Sadie's mom01/10/2012

    This product cleared up my poodle's cronic ear infection. Was constantly having vet bills for same complaint time after time. This works just as well and a whole lot less money and trouble. Thanks for a great product.

    Great Product by bpeddle from St. John's, NL12/29/2013

    This product worked quickly to clear up my dog's ear infection. With 7 dogs to look after it's not always possible to get to the vet's in a timely fashion and with ear infections it's good to be able to treat it as quickly as possible. This product worked beautifully and within a couple of days the infection was gone and my dog was back to her happy self.

    by Elvis02/09/2012

    This is a wonderful product for Basset Hound ear problems. We use 3 drops daily in each ear to ward off infection. It won't cure an infection but does prevent them. Great stuff!!

    Miracle by venicegardengirl from Venice, FL04/14/2012

    After years of traditional treatments for my cockapoo's ear infections I discovered Zymox Otic out of determination and desperation. I spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills and drugs. I did not want to subject my dog to steroids and antibiotics anymore. This product works so well; at first signs of infection I use the product and it clears it right up. What a miracle! It will always be in our cupboard.

    Product backordered by Lovedogs08/05/2012

    I purchased this item on 7-15-2012 and it is now 8-5-2012. I have received one email the day i ordered it saying it was backordered and would be restocked on 7-20. Well needless to say. It is still backordered. And then last week they said that one of the other products i ordered was backordered. When will i ever get this order. Not happy with the service

    Worth every penny !! by Wendy from Moncton, NB Canada07/17/2014

    Own Shar Pei's and they are known for chronic ear infections, this product is amazing and my dogs never have infections using this product. Just fill ear canal, I massage ear, and then let them outside to shake their head and then I wipe their ear flaps and all the junk comes right out. Keeps ears very clean.

    This Stuff Works by Dobiegirl from Toledo, OH10/18/2011

    Our male Doberman has had chronic ear infections, and our vet would not give us Otomax anymore without a full examination and $$. We just finished a 14-day treatment and it appears that the infection is gone - in fact, our dog stopped scratching his ear after only one day. Time will tell, but so far so good!

    wonderful product by chester06/05/2012

    This product worked great on my dog. He had a awful, smelly ear problem and this product cleared it right up. It is nice to have an option besides going to the expensive vet. Fast shipping too. Thank you

    Great product. by DebraC from Colorado Springs, CO04/06/2012

    OUr dog has been on antibiotics for a long time and his ears never cleared up and with the use of Zymox otic his ears are doing great.

    yeasty ears by Dixie12/14/2012

    works better than anything from vet on my Cocker's ear . YES - I recommend this product and the ear clearner

    It really works! by Nickie from Florida09/13/2013

    My dog has had chronic ear infections due to yeast his whole life and I have tied many things. This product has really worked. It is so easy to use just once a day and no ear washing before. He will actually come on his own to me to have the drops put in. Because his ear infections are chronic I continue using OTIC HC 1.0% for 14 days by the end of that time his ear has cleared up

    Wonderful stuff! by Linda10/28/2009

    Our male german shepherd mix has been getting really bad yeast ear infections since he was a pup. We had to "rotate" 3 different prescriptions - one medication each day and the medication had to be applied every other day to maintain his ears when the infection was under control and we've been doing this for over 5 years. If we missed treating his ears for a few days, he would end up having a full-blown infection. The pain, smell and itch was causing him to tear up his ears by scratching and he would rub his ears against anything. His infections would get so bad that he would wake me at night so that I could rub his ears and give him a little comfort. We saw some good reviews on this product on the internet and decided we had nothing to lose. Boy, are we glad we tried this! Since his ears were so bad, we used this twice a day for 2 wks and then went to once a day for a few more weeks until we didn't see anymore earwax on a tissue. After just a few days, we noticed an improvement and it just got better as time went on - that was just wonderful! We didn't mind using this for over a month, because we saw improvements - unlike the prescription medications we had already been using for almost two months. We are now in maintenance mode and squirt his ears about once a week with the Zymox ear cleanser. We don't think his ears have ever been this clean. We're going to order another bottle of this product just so that we have it on hand and we can nip this problem quickly if it should arise again. Considering the results, this product is worth every penny. It's a lot cheaper that all the prescriptions we've been buying which weren't working.

    Works Fast by Deb04/28/2014

    I have used this many times before and I like to have it on hand to nip an infection in the bud. I highly recommend.

    Only product that has helped my dogs by Maddison from Santa Ynez Valley, CA06/20/2013

    My labs has always had ear problems that nothing helped especially all the meds from the vet. This product is the only thing I have found that gives relief to her.

    Only formula that seems to work by Marley's Dad from Crofton, MD11/18/2011

    I have a 100lb Black Lab, Marley, that loves the water and seems to always come home with ear infections. I originally tried store supplied ear cleaners and vet suggested medicines, however, nothing seems to work as well as the Zymox Otic formula. Directions state to use for 14 days, however, within 3-5 days Marley's ear infection is always cleared up!!

    Great Purchase! by Sis10/07/2013

    Works really well!! I was tired of getting antibiotic for my dogs ears and this clears them up and keeps them clear.

    THE SOLUTION!!! by T K from Colorado07/02/2012

    Our whoodle has tendency for ear infections; most of the time the ears were no better after a round of antibiotics. Zymox Otic w/ Hydrocortisone was the answer- she has clean ears, no redness, no smell, and the dark gunk gone after 6 days. She no longer minds having her ear drops of Zymox!!! Wish we knew about this product last year!

    Attention owners of floppy eared dogs by aurora borealis from connecticut04/03/2013

    I have spent so much money treating the repeat ear infections in my beagle/cocker mix. It was awful, I had to pay office visit and medicine visits over and over only to see my dog suffer. A friend recommended Zymox otic HC and I gave it a try. In less than FIVE days my dog stopped shaking his head and crying if you touched his ears! i used it for 14 days and cleared the infection, now I maintain his ears by using it just twice a week. My local feed store stopped carrying it and I found it here for HALF the price I was paying locally.

    The only one! by hardeemcgee from Philadelphia, PA10/16/2011

    This is the only product I have ever found that takes care of my dog's smelly, red, itchy ear fungus. I tried numerous vet prescribed ointments and they did almost nothing. This takes 90% away the first day and after 3 days all the problems are gone and the dog is at peace. After the first 3-4 days, I use it just twice a week and you would never know she has ear trouble.

    Wonderful Product! by Ear Cleaner05/31/2012

    My golden doodle has had chronic ear issues for a couple of years. The only thing that would successfully treat her ears were antibiotics by mouth. She totally avoided me as I was the Ear Cleaner! I followed the instructions and used the product everyday for 14 days and her ears totally cleared up! Now I maintain once a week. Now we are friends again.

    by tim07/22/2012

    I called and cancelled the order and was told that it was cancelled. So I was a bit dismayed when it arrived. Won't be doing any more business with you people. I guess money is all you understand. I will definitely tell other pet owners of my unfortunate experience. Thanks for nothing!!!

    Finally! by CockerMom from Pennsylvania06/23/2014

    I have four cockers, two of whom (mother and daughter) have terrible ears. We have done the trips to the vet, topical and oral antibiotics for years and years with no results. Every time my brown cockers get groomed or their ears cleaned they both would end up with a raging ear infection. I thought cleaning ears was supposed to help! Well it does if you use the right product! I am now! Zymox has been wonderful! I had to use it for 14 days straight for both cockers but now I use it once a week and their ears are hardly even dirty! My one cocker, I never noticed how much her ears must have bothered her! She went from laying around all the time to acting like a pup again. Do not waste your money on anything else for ears, Zymox is all you need! So thankful this product was recommended to me! Very pleased!

    Impressive by HILLSVALLEY07/14/2012

    Zymox has held our English Springer's ear infection at bay but after one month's treatment has not eradicated pseudomonous. Neither has the vet treatment we are using in the other ear. The ear with Zymox is at least nice and clean with no oozing.

    Zymox works great by swiss miss from Pacific NW01/14/2014

    This has really helped my allergic dog's ears. I use this as a treatment, and the witch hazel and apple cider vinegar home ear wash (warmed a bit) that I found here: www.earcarefordogs.com/ear-cleaning/dog-ear-infection-home-remedy/

    ZYMOX by Cooper from Salt Lake City, Utah02/07/2013

    I am very happy this was referred to me by a client and I have recommended Zymox to many more. We tried everything and could not get Cooper's ear infections under control. The first dose in his ears gave him instant relief. I love this stuff. I know if Cooper is having ear problems again because he sits in front of me and just stares until I get the point, he wants Zymox. Cracks me up. He knows how good it is!

    Good purchase by Pam from Jacksonville, FL04/05/2012

    Seems to be working although I've only used it a couple of times. My German Shepherd has always had an ear problem and the Vet and I have tried alot of medications. Nothing seems to fix it so I"m trying the Zymox. So far it's giving her some relief. Time will tell.

    Wonderful Product! by Dragonhome from Tracy, CA06/01/2014

    My dog gets ear problems all the time. The vet gave him Steroids & prescription ear drops that are expensive and usually required taking him back in a second & third time. After 2 trips to the vet, I read about Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone and decided to try it instead. When I started his ears were bright red, scratched, had yuck in the, smelled and looked horrible. Each day his ears looked better. After 2 weeks they looked clean, smelled good and he wasn't rubbing his ears anymore. Now we give him the ear drops 3 times a week, and he hasn't had any more ear infections in the last 2 months - and he was getting time at least ever 45 days or so - more when it gets windy. This stuff saved my dog more ear pain and saved my wallet. Next time I go to the vet, I will take to bottle & tell them about this stuff - they are big on using OTC for pets so I think they will stock this.

    Great so far by mgm10/31/2011

    I have seen significant improvement in my dog's ear that he has continuous yeast infections with.

    Can't live without having this in the house by Mlinds from Holland, Michigan05/29/2014

    This stuff works great for my Lab and Golden's itchy ears. Whenever we see, or hear, the shaking head, flapping ears going on, we simply squirt a bit into their ears and it immediately goes to work relieving their itching. I always reorder when our bottle is getting empty. I never want to be without it!

    So glad I found this by Lab Lover04/07/2013

    My Lab's vet prescribed this for his chronic ear troubles and it worked wonders. I am THRILLED to find it online in a larger bottle than his vet offered.


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