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10 Tips to Keeping Your Pet Flea Free

Nothing is worse than having your furry friend get fleas! It can be so difficult to watch them itch and be irritated. The great news is that there are ways to help your pets be less susceptible to fleas and other pests. The bug guys at Rove Pest Control have assembled a brief list of their top tips to help you keep your home and your pets pest free! They are:

1. Yard maintenance
Maintaining your yard is a key factor in keeping your pet flea free. Tall grasses and shrubs around your home is a prime living area for fleas. Fleas need shelter to survive as their eggs and larva will die from sunlight and windy conditions. This can also reduce the shelter for wildlife which reduces the opportunity for other animals to introduce fleas to your pets.

2. Vacuum your home frequently
There are several hiding spots around your home that fleas live and in your carpet is one of them. Fleas tend to lay eggs and hide in carpeting so if you can vacuum your home often you can eliminate many of the fleas that could be in your home.

3. Put a flea collar in your vacuum bag
Another thing you can do is put flea collars inside of your vacuum bags to make sure fleas don’t breed inside.

4. Throw away vacuum bags
You may have done a good job vacuuming up the fleas and eggs around your home, however if you keep the vacuum bags around for long periods of time fleas can continue to breed.

5. Keep outdoor trash covered securely
Common pests like mice raccoon, rats, and more can be, and often are, carriers of fleas. Keep your trash sealed to prevent wildlife pests away from your home and inviting pests on your property.

6. Feed your pets indoors
Similar to keeping trash covered when you feed your pets outdoors or keep food out for them, you can be attracting unwanted wildlife pests and fleas along with them.

7. Use flea collars
Flea collars can be effective to help create a barrier around your pets to keep fleas off of your pets.

8. Keep your pets out of the woods
Fleas often live in wooded areas and tall grass. It may seem like your pet would enjoy running free in the wilderness, unfortunately this can be a quick way to bringing fleas back with them.

9. Have your pet groomed regularly
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10. Have a professional treat your home
You can have a professional pest control service treat your home and target common areas your pet goes for a proactive approach. A pest control service can treat the outside of your home as well to create a barrier to keep fleas out.

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