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12 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs

Item: PROG12MW
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Lufenuron is stored in the animal's body fat and transferred to adult fleas through their bite. Adult fleas transfer it to their eggs by its presence in the mother flea's blood, or by the larva feeding on pre-digested blood. This breaks the flea life cycle.


After biting a PROGRAM Flavor Tabs treated dog, the female flea ingests Lufenuron which is deposited in her eggs. Lufenuron prevents these flea eggs from developing into mature adults. This safe and convenient approach to flea control effectively breaks the flea’s life cycle and controls flea populations.

Main Purpose

To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

Active Ingredients Amount
Lufenuron 45 mg

To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Avoid contact with eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

Useful Information

PROGRAM Flavor Tabs is 100% safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations and is usable with other flea products. Flavor Tabs provides month-long protection against flea infestations.

Simple to Use

Always give PROGRAM with a meal to ensure proper absorption. Make sure all pets in your home are protected against fleas.

Recommended Dosage Schedule
Body Weight Dose Lufenuron Per Tablet
Up to 10 lbs One Tablet 45.0 mg
11 to 20 lbs One Tablet 90.0 mg
21 to 45 lbs One Tablet 204.9 mg
46 to 90 lbs One Tablet 409.8 mg

Dogs over 90 lbs. should receive the appropriate combination of tablets.

Customer Reviews

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Review for 12 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs
March 1, 2012
Always a pleasure dealing with Entirely Pets. Prompt delivery every time. Prices reasonable.
By Jeff
Program for dogs
December 13, 2011
My dog always had a negative reaction to the Frontline when we applied it. We switched to the Program flea control and so far, have had no problem. This is the first application, hopefully it will work every time he takes it.
No more scratching, yea!!!
By Aida
Soquel, CA
Best price and purchase
November 6, 2011
I have had dogs all my life, I am 69 so that is a long time. I have 3 dogs Big Shot a chocolate lab 100 lb, Gidget a Catahoula 70 lb , Mitz a Schipereke, and Program is the best thing I have found to keep the fleas at bay, and Entirely pets has very good prices on their products. It is easy to shop with them and you have your order in just a few days.

By Susan
Best Product
March 9, 2009
I have given this product to my Labrador Retrievers for a number of years. They swim almost every day in the summer and so topical products are a waste. Nary a flea with Program lo these many years. Wish it had a some anti-tick properties too but you can't have everything-- Frontline made my dogs sick.
By Peggy
April 3, 2008
I really like the Program Pills for my dogs. 2 years ago we had a real flea problem, they were biting me. I had used the application and spray on products in the past and didn't like the hassle of trying to hold my dogs while I was trying to part their hair. I was always afraid of losing some of the product during the process. I have several large and medium sized dogs and we live out in the country. I keep most of my dogs in a big fenced in yard. They don't even where collars anymore and sitting still is not always their best trick. Another thing I don't like about the liquid application products is my dogs always looked at me like I was punishing them after I put it on. They ran to try to roll in the grass or on the carpet and get it off. They spray on Frontline even caused one of my dogs hair to thin and fall out. She was old and never completely recovered from this. At last they all seemed to quit working. I decided to try the Program in conjunction with Capstar. I have been pleased since. I was using the Capstar and also bathing my dogs to keep down the expense for the first couple of months. Also Raid flea carpet spray. We got our fleas under control after about a month and very well after 2 months. Now from early spring until fall I give the Program pills to my dogs with no hassle just food and we are all sratching a lot less around here. One other note the longer I have used the Program the less I have to use the Capstar and have that extra expense. As I stated earlier I live in the country and 4 of my dogs go hunting on our farm so I don't expect to have every flea gone but the Program has certainly brought our pest population down to a minimum.

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