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ActivPhy Joint Soft Chews for Dogs (75 count)

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ActivPhy's Patented Joint Support is a delicious once daily soft chew that supports joint mobility, helps alleviate discomfort associated with normal daily activity, and supports healthy joints and flexibility for all sizes of dogs as early as one year of age! It combines Glucosamine, MSM and a Blue Green Algae extract to promote joint health, provide antioxidants and also supports muscle, bone and cartilage health.

Key Benefits

  • For senior dogs age 7+: ActivPhy helps ease the effects of growing older, so your dog can keep playing, adventuring and living life to his fullest
  • Complete hip & joint supplement: the unique combination of ingredients in ActivPhy work together in synergy to support your aging dog's hips and deliver the proper nutrients to their joints, providing maximum effectiveness
  • IMPROVES MOBILITY IN JUST 30 DAYS: A clinical study showed significant improvement in mobility, playfulness, ability to rise and enthusiasm to go outside after one month taking ActivPhy
  • Antioxidant & inflammatory support: contains a powerful blend of antioxidants, including Blue green algae extract, Turmeric, ALPHA Lipoic acid, vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids and vitamin E
  • Joint, cartilage & muscle support: contains MSM, Glucosamine, flaxseed oil and Creatine Monohydrate to support joint health and muscle strength
  • One-chew-a-day: after the initial administration dose, which lasts 4-6 weeks, most dogs will only need to take one chew each day, however some larger dogs May need to take two
  • Vet formulated: ActivPhy was originally developed for veterinarians
  • For all dogs: ActivPhy is available in two sizes. Small Bites: 90 soft chews for dogs 30 lbs. Or less. Regular Size: 75 soft chews for dogs over 30 lbs.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee your dog will love the taste and you'll see a difference after 30 days Or get your money back
  • Made in USA: ActivPhy is made in the USA with high quality ingredients


Active Ingredients per soft chew:
Methylsulfonymethane (MSM) 900 mg
Glucosamine HCI (Synthetic Source) 500 mg
Omega 3 (Flaxseed) 500 mg
A proprietary Blend of ( Blue Green Algae Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Calcium Phosphate, Manganese Sulfate, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Zinc Sulfate, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Grape Seed Extract) 300 mg
Creatine Monohydrate 300 mg
Tumeric 50 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 9 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 6 mg
Boron 100 mcg
Selenium 10 mcg
Alpha Tocopherol Acetate ( Vitamin E) 25 IU

Inactive Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natu

Useful Information

Initial Administration (First 4-6 Weeks)
Weight Amount
Under 30 lbs 1/2 to 1 chew daily
31-60 lbs 1-2 chews daily
61-120 lbs 2-3 chews daily
Over 120 lbs 4-5 chews daily
Maintenance Administration (After 4-6 Week Period)
Under 30 lbs 1/2 chew every other day
31-60 lbs 1/2 chews daily
61-120 lbs 1 chews daily
Over 120 lbs 2 chews daily

Only one soft chew a day for most dogs

For most weights, you only need to give your dog one tasty soft chew a day! This makes ActivPhy an easy, effective and affordable way to provide your dog joint support. For dogs 60 lbs and over, our 75 count will last you 2 and 1/2 months after the initial loading period.

Clinically Proven

ActivPhy is a clinically proven joint supplement for dogs. Studies have shown our blue green algae extract is a safe and effective way to improve the pet's quality of life by helping to reduce joint discomfort and provide antioxidants. A clinical study with dogs showed statistically significant owner perceived improvement in mobility, playfulness, ability to rise and enthusiasm to go outside. 80% of the dog experienced benefits within 30 days.

ActivPhy Patented Joint Support makes your choice for your dog's joint support easy

  • Safe and effective formula previously only available in veterinarians
  • Contains our secrete sauce, a Blue Green Algae Extract, that has been clinically proven to help reduce discomfort from daily activities and provide antioxidants
  • A one a day tasty soft chew your dog will love
  • Lowest cost per dose of any maximum strength products only 53 cents a day for most dogs


Our Small Bites are designed for dogs under 30 lbs while our Original Chews are designed for dogs over 30 lbs
We recommend that you take the dog to the vet immediately for any adverse events. When we did the clinical trials for the patent, it was tested at 16x the recommended dosage for 120 days with no adverse events. For most dogs, this is more chews than they would ever overeat. However, there have been some instances of pets eating the contents of an entire tub of soft chews. There have been no toxicities associates with this; we've seen some mild diarrhea and vomiting in a few cases, as you might expect with any type of overeating incident. We always recommend consulting your veterinarian in these instances, as they are the most aware of the individual health issues that your pet has.
As with most human medications, there is not a history of use of ActivPhy in pregnant dogs. There is nothing within the product that is contra-indicated in pregnancy, so this decision to use the product in a pregnant animal has to be the veterinarian's decision.
No. If the container was left open for up to a week, there will be no problems with stability of the actives. However, the product may absorb some moisture in high humidity environments which will make the soft chews stickier.
Yes. There will be no impact on stability or potency, although we recommend on the label for all ActivPhy products to be stored at room temperature.
We offer a 100% taste guarantee; simply return the product in the original container with receipt from your place of purchase from for a refund. This excludes shipping and handling.
It is ok to switch and it would be best to start off ActivPhy under the initial higher dosing schedule. Remember that no other joint supplement has the patented ActivPhy blue-green algae ingredient.
No. Continue dosing normally.
No. Studies have not been completed yet in cats, so we cannot recommend giving it to cats.
Yes. But a veterinarian should make that decision. There is very little sugar, as sucrose, in a regular size Soft Chew. There is 750 mg of sucrose per ActivPhy Soft Chew, or 270 mg per Small Bites Soft Chew.
There are no known contra-indications between ActivPhy and any NSAIDS.

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By MoJo1
Sussex County, DE
very good supplement!
March 12, 2017
I have 2 aging working K9's and ActivPhy has helped keep them going. I was using Phycox from the Vet. at 25% more expensive. ActivPhy has the same formulation, I would absolutely recommend this to friends!

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