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Adams™ Plus Home & Yard Treatments

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When it comes to keeping your pet and family safe from fleas and ticks there is no room for half measures. You need to arm yourself with an arsenal of home and yard treatment products to eliminate every single parasitic bug dwelling on your property. This uncompromised stance will help you successfully keep your loved ones safe from vector-borne diseases this tick and flea season.
Ticks and fleas populate different areas in your home. Apart from being on your pet, they can be populating your yard, home carpeting, couch cushions, and other areas. Pet parents who use sprays and shampoos on their pets to fight fleas and ticks need to supplement their effort with proper home and yard treatment. This dual-pronged attack will help you successfully eradicate the parasites from your pet’s fur as well as the environment they live in.

Known for manufacturing quality products that work, Adams offers an entire line of home and yard treatment products. These products kill adult fleas and ticks as well as stopping future infestations. Their product offering includes carpet sprays, yard sprays, and indoor fogger.

These products are for home and yard treatment only and they should not be applied on pets or animals. Read the directions to learn how to get the most out of each Adams home and yard treatment products. We also urge you to read the precautionary statement on the product label to keep your family and pet safe.

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