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Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads - 50 Pad Pack (23"x24")

Item: 10242-4P
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Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads - 50 Pad Pack is the most absorbent dog pad on the market, holding up to 10 cups of urine! Worried about coming home to soaked doggie pads at the end of the day? Enjoy your day out without worry! These Premium Dog Pads are shielded with 6 layers to prevent leaking for up to 24 hours of protection. The pleasant lavender scent eliminates odors to keep your home smelling fresh the entire day!

  • Absorbent dog pad holds up to 10 cups of urine
  • Offers 24 hours of leak-free protection
  • Includes odor neutralizer and lavender scent to keep home smelling fresh
  • Tear resistant sheets
  • 6 layers of protection prevents puddling and tracking
  • Useful Information


  • Place on floor, plastic side down and tissue side up
  • Introduce your dog to the pad and say a familiar command to encourage use
  • If she doesn't relieve herself immediately, take her back several times until she is successful
  • When she relieves herself on the pad, reward her with a treat or enthusiastic praise
  • Replace as needed
  • Training Tips: Ensure pad is accessible to your pet and away from her bed and food

    Safety Information: This item is designed to be used solely by pet parents for hygiene of their dogs. This product is not intended for rodents or any other gnawing animals. This item is not a toy. Keep out of reach of both children and animals. Inspect pads before and after each use. Discard pad if any part is damaged, loose, missing or exposed.

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