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AllAccem OticArmor Vet Liquid Bandage

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AllAccem OticArmor Vet Liquid Bandage easily and effectively helps owner's who can't perform ear cleanings at home. It creates a barrier that aids in controlling inflammation by keeping the ear canal clean. One application lasts up to 3 months and no daily ear cleaning is required.

  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Controls inflammation
  • Keeps ear canal clean.
  • No daily ear cleanings
  • Ingredients

    ethyl alcohol, polymers, water and other inert ingredients

    Useful Information

      1. Dip the swab into the vial and count to 4 (blue liquid will saturate the applicator tip)
      2. Place the swab into the ear canal / parallel to the surface to be coated as far as possible without touching the tympanic membrane
      3. Paint surfaces 360° inside of the ear canal for full coverage
      4. At least 6 dips per ear for complete coverage
      • 2 dips for the mid horizontal ear canal to the vertical-horizontal ear canal junction
      • 2 dips for the vertical ear canal
      • 2 dips for the outer portion of the ear canal

    • 1- derm work station
    • 2- applicator brushes
    • 1- 1/16 oz. product vial & cap

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