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AllAccem Sanos Dental Sealant

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AllAccem Sanos Dental Sealant is a gingival dental sealant for dogs and cats that seals the subgingival gum line (gingival sulcus) against the formation of plaque. It is formulated to help control the build-up of plaque and tarter. It should be applied after every professional dental cleaning to protect under the gumline and the 'difficult to reach' areas such as under the gums and back teeth. AllAccem Sanos Dental Sealant is clinically proven to last for 6 months.

  • Dental sealant for dogs and cats
  • Helps control the build-up of plaque and tarter
  • Protects under the gumline
  • Proven to last for 6 months
  • Ingredients

    ethyl alcohol, vinyl, acetate copolymer, water, XDV098

    Useful Information

  • Sealant dries rapidly - recap when not in use
  • Coat brush with sufficient amount of sealant
  • Use on brush per quadrant
  • Do not re-use brushes

    • 1. Apply after thorough prophylaxis and polishing
      2. Water lavage and air dry.
      3. Sealant best applied when no bleeding. If excess gingival bleeding, apply thumb pressure slightly above gingival surface and wait for sulcular bleeding to subside.
      4. Dip brush into sealant vial and trace product subgingivally at an angle with a sweeping action.
  • 1- derm work station
  • 4- applicator brushes
  • 1- 1/16 oz. product vial & cap
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