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Allerpet Cat Dander Remover (12 oz) Video

Allerpet Cat Dander Remover (12 oz)

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Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is specifically formulated to help remove cat allergens and soften the petís skin, it should really be called Allerpet For Cat Owners. Why? - because it helps people who are allergic to cats live with them more comfortably. Because cats produce more dander than any other animal, Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is a liquid damp-wipe product that works hard to bind and remove cat allergens so there will be less of them in your home. It is not necessary to eliminate all cat allergens (something that is nearly impossible to do) to feel better. Even a 50% reduction should help. If you want to reduce allergens even more, we recommend applying Allerpet Cat Dander Remover every 3-4 days, rather than weekly.

  • Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is the most effective formulation for Cat Allergies.
  • It can be used on all cat breeds with no side-effects.
  • Itís the ultimate choice for families with multiple cat species.
  • Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is recommended by veterinarians and allergists nationwide.

  • Cats generally cause more allergy problems than any other animal because of their major allergen, Fel d1, the most potent of all pet-related allergens. Some people cannot even enter a house or apartment where a cat lives without immediately developing symptoms because of it.

    Fel d1 allergens are microscopic and float freely throughout your house. They are widely distributed because of the forced air central heat and air conditioning that many homes have. The same air is being recirculated over and over again along with the Fel d1 allergens.

    The first step in trying to solve the cat allergy problem is getting rid of as many of these allergens as possible. This is where Allerpet Cat Dander Remover can help. It is a liquid damp-wipe product that can remove most of the allergens from your cat before they have a chance to enter into your homeís air. Used once or twice a week, Allerpet substantially reduces the allergen left on the catís hair that would otherwise become airborne. Coupled with the proper filtration of your air conditioner or an air purifier, the level of allergens to affect you will be dramatically reduced . . . in most instances the reduction will be enough to comfortably tolerate your cat.

    Allerpet Cat Dander Remover cleanses the hair of sebaceous gland secretions (Fel d1), saliva and dander, the prime causes of allergic reactions to cats. Allerpet is non-oily and will not leave a residue on the coat to attract other allergens. It contains no fragrance. Allerpet is completely safe to use regardless of how frequently a cat licks its coat, even if it does so immediately after having used Allerpet.

    The safety of Allerpet is very important, because it is estimated that cats spend 30 to 40 percent of their waking time licking and grooming themselves, depositing copious amounts of saliva on their fur, which dries and then flakes off of the hair to circulate throughout your house.

    Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is guaranteed non-toxic, completely safe to use, and never expires


    pH (as is) 7.5 +/- 0.50 7.503
    Specific Gravity (25C/25C) 1.000 +/- .050 1.005
    Refractive Index (20C) 1.3335 +/- 1.0010 -1.3338
    Total Solids (% by weight) 0.40 +/- 0.20 0.39
    Appearance/Color Comparable to Standard Complies
    Infrared Spectrum(FTIR) Comparable to Standard Complies
    Aerobic Plate Count (cfu/ml) Less than 1000 600
    Pathogens Negative Complies
      1) DI UV Water
      2) Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder)
      3) Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract)
      4) Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria Extract)
      5) Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract)
      6) Citric Acid
      7) Glycerin
      8) Hydrolyzed Collagen
      9) Allantoin
      10) Panthenol
      11) Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
      12) Propylene Glycol
      13) Quaternium-26
      14) Quaternium-22
      15) Styrene/VP Copolymer
      16) Methylchloroisothiazolinone
      17) Methylisothiazolinone.

    Have you wondered why the ingredients of all three original Allerpet products are the same? The products are basically the same. It is the variation in the concentration in each product that makes each unique.

    Useful Information

    Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is non-toxic and completely safe to use on kittens over the age of 8 weeks, depending upon their size.

    Allerpet is easy to apply while your cat sits in your lap. Simply spread a large terry towel over your lap for the cat to sit on. Dampen a washcloth or small sponge with Allerpet and lightly wipe your cat from the skin outward, first against the lay or the hair, then with it, until all areas are damp, not dripping wet, to remove sebaceous gland secretions, saliva, loose dander and urine.

    If you cat has long or very thick hair, use your free hand to separate and hold down the untreated hair from the area you are wetting, to make sure you get down to the skin.

    Pay special attention to the areas around the genitals where urine tends to collect and dry on the hair. No rinsing is required. Dry the hair thoroughly with a towel or hair dryer. If your cat self-cleans (licks its coat often), you may safely use Allerpet two or three times a week to remove the saliva residue.

    Keeping your catís hair tangle-free will help decrease the allergen load in your home. Combing/brushing at least once a week will help to remove dander, foreign matter, dirt and loose dead hairs that are contaminated with dried saliva and sebaceous gland secretions.

    Customer Reviews

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    75% Recommend this product (3 of 4 responses)
    By Vicaroo
    This could save your pet's life
    September 18, 2014
    Worked in veterinary for 23 years. Could go on with stories about this product forever. One example, elderly man called me crying saying his allergy doctor told him he had to get rid of his cats. His cats were middle aged and in that area likely not to be adopted. His cats were his family and all he really had in life after his wife died. I suggested he try Allerpet first before going to that extreme. I told him he should have the cats bathed with an unscented, soap-free shampoo and then combed out thoroughly by someone else. When that was done, I told him to bring them in and I would show him how to apply Allerpet-C against the lay of the coat, all over the body, with a washcloth. This he could do himself once a week thereafter. He followed my instructions exactly and was able to enjoy and love his cats for many more years. I have seen this story play out hundreds of times. I have never understood why allergists don't recommend it to all their patients to at least try. The doctor's first thought is always get rid of the cats and many times this means euthanasia of a healthy animal. Happy to see Entirely Pets carries it. Had good luck with Allerpet-D for dogs too.
    By Rambo's m.
    Miami, Fl
    Finally found Allerpet
    March 27, 2014
    I've looked in all the stores for Allerpet--no one carries it anymore, so I checked on line & found that it is still available. Allerpet helps keep allergens down so I can live with my cat and not have so many allergy symptoms. My cat loves to be sponged with Allerpet--it seems to make him feel so good, makes his fur silky & shiny, and smells good. Entirely Pets had the best price and quick delivery.
    By agataurbanska
    Poland, Warsaw
    Good purchase
    February 5, 2013
    This is the best preparation, which I can used on my cat Filip. Now I do not have allergy.
    By SANDY
    March 24, 2011
    I bought this product years ago and used it on my cat. I am high allergic to cats and this product made it possible for me to around him without having allergy symptoms. I am thrilled to find a company that carries it!

    Questions and Answers

    1 Question & 1 Answer
    from Omaha asked:
    September 10, 2014
    How often do you have to apply this?
    1 Answer
    The directions included with the product state that you should use it as directed by your veterinarian- but suggest that you use Allerpet C once weekly to maintain benefits.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on September 11, 2014

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