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  6. Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (8 fl oz)

Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (8 fl oz)

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Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive eliminates dust mite allergens from sheets, pillow cases, clothing, and undergarments in cool, warm or hot water.

The allergens originating from dust mites are probably the world's most significant trigger of asthma attacks and are a major source of allergens.

Dust mites do not bite or sting, but the fecal matter, exoskeletons and secretions that they deposit on your sheets and pillow cases are a continual source of problems. Thus, the bedroom and the bedding is the best place to start reducing or eliminating dust mites.

  1. Sort laundry by manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Select water temperature.
  3. As washer fills with water, add detergent.
  4. Fill included measuring cup approximately 3/4 with De-Mite. Add to washer either when filled or while filling.
  5. Add bedding, clothing, or undergarments.
Approximately 10 to 12 wash loads.
Safe for colorfast fabrics.

If ingested: Drink large glasses of water.
May irritate eyes or skin: Flush with water.

nonionic & anionic surfactants, benzyl benzoate, tea tree oil, methyl salicylate

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