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AlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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AlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System is validated for dogs and cats.

Like humans, common household pets may suffer from diabetes, too. According to reports, up to about 1 in 200 dogs and 1 in every 400 cats may suffer from either Type I or Type II diabetes.

AlphaTRAK, the first complete hand-held blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for diabetic cats and dogs.

Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision.
  • Meter will not start until it detects enough blood
  • No false results
  • Add more blood for up to 60 seconds
  • Meter beeps when sample is adequate, and begins test
  • Eliminates wasted strips

    AlphaTRAK is easy on cats and dogs.
  • Patented technology means the AlphaTRAK requires the world's smallest blood sample: only 0.3 microliters.
  • AlphaTRAK can use capillary blood; no venous puncture is needed.

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