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Angels' Eyes Plus for Dogs - Beef (45 gm)

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Angels' Eyes Plus are developed for both dogs and cats to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! It also help to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking. Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes never adds food dyes, wheat, corn or soy, which may have a negative effect on your pet.

Key Benefits

  • No added food dyes, wheat, corn, or soy which may have negative effects on your pet
  • Helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking
  • Specifically developed for all dogs to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out
  • Results take 3 to 5 weeks, depends on the growth of your dog's coat
  • Simply add the recommended weight dosage directly into their pet's food once daily


100% Beef Liver, Cranberry Powder, Olive Leaf, Eyebright, Marshmallow Root.

Useful Information

Directions for Use:
Under 14 lbs: 1/4 teaspoon daily
15-49 lbs: 1/2 teaspoon daily
50 lbs and up 1 teaspoon daily

Customer Reviews

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 1 Answer
April 27, 2018
What is the difference between Angel Eyes and Angel Eyes Plus??
1 Answer
Hi the plus dose not contain any antibiotics
Submitted by: EntirelyPets on August 9, 2018

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