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Arm & Hammer Disposable Waste Bag Refills (180 pack)

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The Arm & Hammer Disposable Waste Bag Refills package provides a convenient, compact way to get pet waste bags in an easy-to-carry refill form.

With 12 rolls tightly packed and packaged, a pet owner can easily take a new roll, carry it in a small bag or pocket, and have a refill ready to go when needed for bag dispensing equipment.

The Arm & Hammer bags incorporate the company's baking soda infused features so that waste bagged up can't produce odor very well. The baking soda feature kills the odor before it starts to compound and smell badly. This can be very handy when traveling with a pet and a mess needs cleaning up, but immediate disposal isn't necessarily possible at the time. With these bags there's no getting hands contaminated either.

Features of the Arm & Hammer bag refill package include:
  • 180 tightly wrapped and compact bag rolls separated in 12 small units.
  • Odor-fighting treatment of the bags that makes them far more effective at containing smells.
  • Stronger plastic than a typical grocery bag option for cleaning up a pet mess.
  • Colored in striking blue so there's no mistake what bag is used for the pets versus other plastic bags.
  • Easy-to-load refill design to incorporate the units with other Arm & Hammer pet care equipment that utilizes waste bag refills.
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