Ascenta Canine Omega-3 (6.8 oz)

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Improve Your Dog's All-Around Health with Ascenta Canine Omega-3

Give your dog the boost it needs to maintain great health with Ascenta Canine Omega-3. This fish oil contains a high amount of both DHA and EPA, the omega-3 fats that are crucial to the proper functioning of many systems.

Omega-3 boosts health on many fronts

The 6.8-oz Ascenta Canine Omega-3 contains a blend of fish oil, rosemary extract, and ascorbyl palmitate.

The omega-3 fatty acid contained in the fish oil is the most important ingredient; this fatty acid contributes to skin, joint, heart, immune system, and kidney health. Omega-3 fatty acid also improves growth and reproductive ability, and makes fur smooth and shiny.


  • Oil tastes like meat rather than fish
  • Formula is convenient to administer - you can just add it to your dog's food once a day
  • Product is molecular distilled to ensure purity
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