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Augment Vitamin & Mineral Balancer for Horses

Adeptus Augment Vitamin & Mineral Balancer for Horses balancing the diet is crucial for growth in young horses as well as maintenance for longevity and soundness in mature horses. Since U.S. forages are low in key trace minerals, it is essential to consume those nutrients from supplements and/or fortified grains. Since most horses do not consume the recommended amounts of fortified grains, it is therefore necessary to fortify their diets with a concentrated supplement.

Augment is an excellent choice to fill in the gaps in most diets. It contains bioavailable, organic trace minerals as well as a complete profile of vitamins along with a hindgut digestive aid.

Augment can serve as a great balancer for adult horses, broodmares or growing horses. The formula has no carbohydrates and contains a prebiotic digestive aid for a base ingredient.

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