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B-Air Variable Speed Professional Pet Dryer - Green

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B-Air Pro Series II (BPS-II) is a powerful 8 HP force dryer producing 62,000 fpm of airflow. The Pro Series II is so powerful that it cuts the drying time in half. B-Air developed the Pro II dryer not only to surpass all other existing force dryers currently being manufactured but the goal was to also develop and present the quietest dryer ever available to the public. With noise dampening technology, the noise level created by the Pro Series II measures at 66 decibels: The B-Air Pro Series II is not only the strongest 8HP force dryer but also is the quietest 8 HP force dryer available today.

Weighing a mere 14 lbs and sporting a center mounted handle, the Pro II is lightweight and is easy to carry. The heavy duty, flexible hose for the Pro Series II dryer is 12 ft long and allows you the freedom to maneuver when drying without the restrictions experienced with shorter hoses. With a variable switch to control the desired amount of air flow and 2 interchangeable rubber nozzles (cone or slotted) the Pro Series II can create limitless combinations of delivered air. The Pro Series II also comes standard with a removable and washable rear facing filter to protect its high velocity dual motors from dirt and debris.

With all the features needed and many new and innovative features added, the B-Air Pro Series II force dryer has raised the standards and is, by and large, the most superior force dryer in its class.

  • Designed to be safe and effective for professional groomers, veterinarians and pet owners alike; safe for use on dogs of all sizes.
  • Dries your dog’s coat in half the time by repelling the water without overheating or drying out his hair and skin; can also de-shed his coat and even gives a gentle, soothing massage.
  • Save time and money with professional results at home; great for cleaning up after a rainy walk, a dirty hike or a dip in the pool.
  • Unit weighs just 14 pounds; a washable filter prevents hair from getting into the motor housing or restricting airflow.
  • Variable-speed 8HP motor produces up to 62,000FPM; dryer includes a 12-foot, heavy-duty flexible hose with two rubber nozzle attachments–cone and slot.
  • Useful Information

    BEFORE GROOMING: Be careful not to blow air into the animal's face, ears or nose. Use the cone nozzle to blow out dirt from the undercoat and separate matted hair.

    AFTER BATHING: Towel-dry the animal to remove excess water. Use the cone nozzle to blow off moisture working out from the skin. Switch to one of the other attachments to dry more sensitive areas.

  • Plug the flexible hose to the front cap connector
  • Plug in the power cord and switch power on
  • Adjust the variable wind speed switch knob and select the desired setting according to your needs
  • Turn the variable wind speed switch knob back to minimum and turn off the power switch after usage
  • Unplug the dryer from the power source and unplug the hose and nozzle when your finished using the dryer.

  • POWE REQUIREMENTS: Use a single outlet that is at least 20 amps and has a ground wire. Use the unit with a correct outlet and do not share the same outlet with other appliances.

    Use 3 pronged adapters that are UL and CE approved with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (G.F.C.I)> Do not use power cords that show any sign of wear or damge. Cords are not covered by warranty.

  • Do not immerse the unit in water. Exposure to water will result in electric shock.
  • Do not alter or remove the grounding plug. Do not use the unit if it cannot be properly grounded
  • Do not use the unit if the power cord is frayed or shows any sign of wear
  • Do not place the unit in standing or running water. Exposure to water will result in electric shock.
  • Do not let the air intakes od the unit get blocked or clogged. Overheating of the equipment may occur and cause fire or an electrical hazard.
  • Never use the unit without a filter in place
  • Do not leave the unit unattended when in use and/or turned on
  • Individuals with pacemakers should not use this machine
  • Always hold the nozzle and hose firmly when the unit is in operation

  • Maintenance:
  • Clean filters regularly (every 2 months) by washing or air blowing. Be sure not to use the unit without a filter in place
  • Keep the surface of the unit clean and dry.
  • Refer to the guide in this owner's manual to replace motor brushes. Repleace brushes every 4-6 months.
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