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B-Air Vantage Dehumidifier - Red Video

B-Air Vantage Dehumidifier - Red

Item: VG-1500-RED
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B-Air Vantage Dehumidifier for a compact dehumidifier that combines a small and rugged design with a level of professional, powerful performance, look no further than the Vantage VG-1500.

This dehumidifier wasn’t made to include fancy bells and whistles, but was designed for one purpose only: to simply get the job done. You can trust the dependable performance of the Vantage VG-1500 conventional dehumidifier to work safely and effectively, and better than any other commercial dehumidifier in its class.

  • High dehumidifying performance
  • Removes up to 150 pints per day
  • Recessed wheels
  • Digital control panel
  • Built-in rigid handle
  • Designed & engineered in California
  • Useful Information

    1. Place dehumidifier inside area to be dried.
    2. Make sure all windows and doors are closed to the outside and seal off the wet area from any unaffected areas.
    3. Route condensate hose into a drain, or a very large container.
    4. Press the On/Off button to activate the dehumidifier

    POWER BUTTON: The dehumidifier is turned on or off by pressing the power button. When the dehumidifier is started, the hour meter will display the cumulative hours.

    PURGE BUTTON: In normal operation, the pump will automaticvally empty the reservoir. Pressing this button allows manual emptying od the reservoir. Press and hold the pump purge button untul its reservoir is empty. Always manually purge the water reservoir before transport or storage. Turn off the power and allow the plugged in dehumidifier to rest 5 minutes before the final purge. The purge button can be activated even when the power button is in the off position.

    TIME COUNTER: The counter will accumulate and display the total running hours of the unit in 1/10 of an hour. This counter cannot be reset, and therefore might show some hours on a new product that has had quality control testing performed on it.

    DEFROST INDICATOR: Under certain conditions, ice may build up on the evaporator coil. When that occurs, the unit will automatically go into a defrost cycle, during which the "Defrost Indicator" lamp will be lit. When the ice has melted, the defrost cycle will end and the system will reverse back to normal operation.

    DEFROST INDICATOR: The defrost indicator lamp will illuminate to indicate the dehumidifier is in defrost cycle. During this period, the compressor is running and the system has reversed.

    VENTING/DUCTING: Exit air can be ducted on the dehumidifier. Using ducting larger than 6.7" in diameter is recommended.

    TRANSPORTING: The VG 1500 should be transported upright. When transporting the unit, there is the possibility of water spillage out of the pump reservoir or water drainage off of the wetted evaporator coil. It is therefore important to make effective use of the manial purge feature to evacuate the water out of the pump reservoir before moving the unit. After the OFF button has been depressed, it is recommended that a manual purge be initiated by depressing the PURGE button. Then wait at least 15 minutes for the water to shed off the evaporator and find its way into the pump reservoir of any residual water one last time before moving the unit. Disconnect and fully drain the drain hose befor ecoiling it up.

    CAUTION: If the unit has been laid on its back, even for short periods of time, it must be set upright for at least 1/2 hour before being plugged in and started up. This gives the compressor oil and liquid refrigerant sufficient time to redistribute. Failure to do so can cause premature compressor failure, and voids the compressor warranty.

    If extremely poor road conditions exist, or excessive shock and vibration are expected, take precautionary measures by apdding the unit to provide impact absorption during transport.

    CAUTION: Always be careful when moving the dehumidifier inside a building or home. Older structures with weakened floors and staircases may require considerations for safe transport.

    AIR FILTER: Replacement frequency is very subjective, as it depends on the cleanliness of the job site air, as well the duration of use. The air filter should be checked regularly. Operating the dehumidifier with a clogged filter will reduce efficiency. Operating it without a filter will cause the internal workings to become clogged allowing bacteria and mold to form. The unit can also accommodate a higher efficiency replacement filter of the same physical size and still operate effectively.

    I. Remove the screws in the four corners of the control panel.
    II. Once the screws are removed, carefully lift the control panel to access the PCB.
    III. On the PCB is a 6F22 9V battery. Remove the battery and replace with new.
    IV. Refit the control panel onto the PCB.
    V. Refit the four screws.

    CAUTION: This dehumidifier is designed to meet or exceed safety and performance standards for dehumidification equipment. Use only manufacturers' replacement parts for service. Use of aftermarket parts voids the product warranty and all performance claims.

    WARNING: Electrical Shock Hazard Turn unit OFF and Disconnect power supply before cleaning. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire or electrical shock.

    External Cleaning: Use a non-flammable mild, non-abrasive soap and clean water solution to clean the dehumidifier. Wipe dry.

    Internal Cleaning: Turn unit off and disconnect dehumidifier from power supply. Clean the core with warm soapy water. Take care to make sure the seal is good as any air leakage will cause the unit to under-perform. Start up the unit and listen for air whistling, if there are any leaks, readjust the brackets.

    STORAGE: Freezing temperatures and biological growth must be considered before storing the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier should be flushed with a bio fungicide before storing. When storing the unit, ensure that water has been removed from the reservoir and hose. This will prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures and to prevent biological growth. Use the pump purge button to remove water and bio fungicide chemicals from the dehumidifier.

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