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Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball - Medium 2 3/4"

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Babble Balls are made with improved technology that triggers interactivity whenever the pet breath, touches or recieves any type of vibrations caused when a pet walks past the toy. The Babble ball talks and make exciting animal sounds that pets will be sure to enjoy. The Babble Ball automatically turns off when you pet isn't playing with it.

  • Each ball makes more than 20 different wisecracks or sounds, like "Rock 'n Roll Big Daddy," "Hey, What are you doing?," "Grrrrr!," "Sweet Puppy," and many more!
  • Available in assorted colors, please allow us to choose for you.

  • Hear the Talking Babble Ball now!

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    17 Reviews
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    18% (3)
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    12% (2)
    76% Recommend this product (13 of 17 responses)
    By Mary
    Buffalo, NY
    Excellant Purchase
    April 21, 2016
    My dog Otto is ABSOLUTELY in love with these balls!! I have ordered a few of them because he plays with them every single night and I don't want to be with out one in the house. He is addicted to the ball !!
    By DeeJayDee
    Reston, Virginia
    Babble Ball- Best toy Ever
    December 4, 2015
    This is the first time I bought the medium ball for my dog. He has the large ball and two small balls. All of them have lasted a year without changing the battery. They are incredibly sensitive. I have given them as presents to other people with dogs. My dog loves the babble ball because he thinks he's talking to us when he plays with it. He will bring it to us and Drop it repeatedly in front of us and it'll say funny things. We are constantly laughing when he plays with this toy!
    By snowrnr
    Lunenburg, ON Canada
    Lots of Laughs
    May 5, 2015
    This talking Babble Ball is a riot! Our Aussie absolutely loves this ball. He goes crazy chasing it around the house and then when he wants it to stop he picks it up and carries it. Then he puts it away, have no idea where, until he wants to play with it again.

    Super buy for an active dog!
    By happy n.
    great 'self-play' toy
    March 27, 2015
    We get a kick out of watching our Jack Russell play with this. He bats it with his front feet from the carpet to the hardwood and then goes crazy!! Chasing it and slip sliding everywhere. We laugh until it hurts and afterwards our 'baby' sleeps really good! Love it!
    By Chris
    Hilarious sounds
    March 10, 2015
    The minions have invaded the ball world! When I opened the box and took the ball out my dog got excited. After removing the battery protector and allowing it to make noise my dog went wild. We just love to listen to the noises and they really do sound like minions! Very sturdy as the dog dropped it several times on the cement with no problems occurring. A great toy!
    By Shuggah
    I'm a repeat buyer
    February 11, 2015
    My Bentley loves this toy so much, he won't let his buddy JLo play with it at he hid it. I can't find it, and he knows what I want him to do but he won't get it. I ordered another TWO, hoping he would share...we'll see. It is really a neat toy. BTW, he was a bit intimidated by the sounds at first, but the adjustment was very quick.

    Be sure to click on this photo to see how happy Bentley is with his Babble Ball.
    By jreitman4
    Peconic, NY
    Babble ball
    January 17, 2015
    Three dogs looked at it once, then never again. It's too hard for them to pick up. The words are too hard to understand.
    By tinkerbelle
    Murphy, NC
    Review for Talking Babble Ball - MEDIUM 2 3/4"
    October 23, 2013
    Kati is a 9 yr old Shiba Inu & she is terrified of the "babble ball". BUT,she is getting used to it, so maybe some day!
    By Hugenaturelover
    Your dog will go coo coo for this!
    September 20, 2013
    My two dogs love this toy and will play with it for hours
    By annesg
    Staten Island, NY
    great product
    March 6, 2013
    my two shih tsus love this product, put the b all in a sock so your pet can actually grab it. If only it
    would come on a plush ball or "animal"
    By Aussie M.
    Takoma Park MD
    Pet Qwerks Babble Ball
    February 12, 2012
    Excellent entertainment for inquisitive puppies. Phrases and voices are entertaining for people, too. Larger size and smoother surface harder for large breed puppies to destroy.
    By katie
    Dana Point California
    Babble Babble
    February 7, 2012
    These balls really keep young dogs amused, not so sure the older ones like them.My two older dogs ignore it, my friends with older dogs say the same. Batteries (3) do not last long and are expensive cheaper to buy a new.The ball i bought in the UK in November is still ok but the new ones bought in January here have already died. Great toy while it lasts.
    By Erika
    Wonderful Busy-Toy!
    June 21, 2011
    This ball has kept our Westie entertained daily for over a year (granted there was a battery replacement in there!). She loves her 'talking my-ball' and will come running from the other end of the house if we accidentally bump it, then commence focused play for quite some time! Great purchase for dogs who need 'busy-time' to stay happy. Just know the 'babble' will take some getting used to by the humans in the house... but it does become less annoying after a few days, I promise!
    By Dog 3.
    Howell, MI
    Much more than I expected
    March 1, 2011
    We have 3 dogs, 2 German Sheperds and a Bernese Mt. Dog. The Shepherds compete for who will carry the ball around, while the Berner cheers on the dog who wins! It is hilarious to watch them listen so closely to this babbling ball. The dogs will hear the ball from across the house & come running.. One of the Shepherds will stare at it on the counter and ask for it. We do love it, however, since we did notice the adult shepherd likes to chew, we keep it out of reach when we are not supervising. The batteries died after about 2 months or so, but easily replaceable. We plan to buy another for dual play action.
    By WI S.
    Mt. Horeb, WI
    A Big Zero
    January 1, 2010
    I bought this based on the great reviews. Unfortunately my dog (a scottie) would have nothing to do with it, despite several tries on different occasions. Money down the drain for me, but maybe I can pass it along to a friend's dog and see if they have any interest.
    By Sjordan
    December 29, 2008
    My GSDs are going crazy over this ball! They chase it, grab it, drop it and chase it again! Great entertainment for them!
    By chf
    December 3, 2008
    This is the GREATEST ball!! My Westie absolutely loves this ball! She plays with it for hours! The "Babble" has ceased to work - even after replacing the batteries, but that hasn't stopped her. We have hardwood floors so the hard plastic allows it to roll around really well - it slams into the base boards & keeps rolling. She likes to take it to the top of the long staircase & push it down the stairs. It hits the bottom & it sounds like a bowling alley! She literally does this for an hour at a time.
    The hard plastic construction makes it indestructable, except the babbling has stopped.
    At 1st - the babbling made us a bit crazy, but over time, we actually enjoyed it. We could mimic the babbling & she would go find the ball & playtime was on.
    If you want a toy that keeps your babies occupied, this is the ticket!

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