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Bacti-Stat Antimicrobial Hand Soap

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Bacti-Foam Antimicrobial Hand Soap is a foam hand wash that satisfies the FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Handwash. This soap uses a formula that contains 0.3% Triclosan to ensure that it is a powerful enough antimicrobial agent to ensure safe use in a healthcare environment. This soap is also formulated to be dispensed pre-lathered and rinse away easily to prevent skin irritation and save time.

Bacti-Stat Antimicrobial Hand Soap contains aloe vera to prevent skin from becoming irritated, dry, or cracked. It comes in an 16.9 ounce container with a pump that makes dispensation simple and quick- for a liquid soap that meets the same standards, check out Bacti-Stat. This soap is perfect for any medical clinics or professionals that need a soap that meets Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements, so order it today!

Key Features:
  • Meets FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements
  • Formulated to prevent irritated, dry or cracked skin
  • Comes in 16.9 oz. container
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