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Combat Tug Toys

Combat Dog Toys are Battle Tested

Most plush toys are destroyed within hours, exposing materials that pose a serious danger to your dog's health if ingested. These toys have been "Battle Tested" to ensure they can withstand rigorous play. Combat dog toys are made with durable material that outlasts other soft dog toys on the market. Order now and save!

Other Pet Toys Gone in 60 seconds
  • Most pet toys on the market are quickly destroyed by aggressive dogs
  • No goverment protection standards, unlike children's toy
  • Small parts become dangerous choking
  • Digested stuffing can become fatally lodged within intestines

  • Bamboo = Tougher, safer toys

  • Developed in partnership with veterinarians, leading pet authorities, consultants and manufacturers
  • Highly durable material similar to luggage
  • Quality-crafted construction passed extensive testing
  • Protected squeaker withstands persistant chewing
  • Maintains pet appeal throughout entire life of toy
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