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KONG SqueakAir Birthday Balls Video

KONG SqueakAir Birthday Balls

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The KONG SqueakAir Ball combines two classic dog toys - the tennis ball and the squeaker toy - to create the perfect fetch toy. Our durable, high-quality SqueakAir Tennis Ball will not wear down your dog's teeth. It's made with a special non-abrasive felt.

Key Features

  • Perfect for games of fetch
  • Squeaker to induce play
  • Non-abrasive tennis material will not wear down your dog's teeth

Useful Information


  • Designed for light/moderate chewing.
  • For tough chew sessions, try KONG rubber toys.
  • Supervised use only.
  • Remove all packaging.
  • Discontinue use if damaged.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
36 Reviews
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97% Recommend this product (35 of 36 responses)
By Kristen
Medford MA
July 17, 2021
My Jack Russells love playing with these squeaks! Great quality
One of my puppy's favorites!
March 27, 2019
My puppy loves the medium size Kong squeaker balls. He loves hearing the noise while chomping down and playing.
Very entertaining Isn't indestructible
By GSDlover
Churchville, NY
Sqeaky Kong Tennis Balls
May 11, 2017
These tennis balls that squeak are my german shepherds favorite!!!!
By bee
san antonio, texas
Kong happy birthday balls
March 4, 2017
My dog has "ball drive" off the charts. I have purchased yellow ones in the the past, and she will go to these colored ones first every time. She loves them! I reccomend
By Cher
Danville, Vermont
How to keep your dog happy
December 31, 2016
Nothing lights up our dog's days more than when daddy gets one (or several) of these balls lined up and will lift-kick them across the room for her to catch or chase. She loves it! Mommy will toss or roll them all over the place, and she loves the exercise and attention. She treats her collection of KONG Happy Birthday Air Dog Squeaker Balls - Medium, almost like a child treats their favorite blanket; she cuddles them, sleeps with them & loves to squeak them, and has for the 8 year's we've had her. The balls are soft enough to not present a danger to the dog or most furnishings as long as they are not pitched like a baseball. She will play with the balls for months and months before we decide they are just plain "done for". Fortunately, Entirely Pets sells the 3 ball sets for the best price I've come across. Thank you for the product, the price, and your service. Lucy has other toys, but the balls are far and away her favorite!
By Lida
December 29, 2016
10 yr GSD is playing with it like he's a puppy! Almost wish the squeaker would break, actually can't believe it has lasted this long, usually he removes them the 1st day.
By totounni
He loves it.
November 4, 2016
He likes it very much.
It is suitable for small dogs.
By Christina
Review for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
April 25, 2016
The Kong squeaker balls were great at first! My Stella loves toys that squeak (especially balls to play fetch with). She loved it instantly! Perfect size for her as well. But unfortunately the squeaker didn't last very long (within a week 2 of the balls squeakers were broken). I only have one ball left that still squeaks and I'm just waiting for the moment that it will stop as well. It is a shame, because I liked this product, just wish the squeaker part was built stronger to with-stand a small maltipoo chewing/squeaking it. Hope Kong is able to find a solution to this!
By rp
Review for KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball - X-Large
February 23, 2016
Fairly rugged. Our Mastiff breed can tear cover off after time, but does not rip this apart as easily as other toys, including other shapes of Kong toys.
By LPeck
Sneads Ferry NC
Very Tuff
January 22, 2016
My Shepherd mix loves it mostly because of the squeaker in it. I bought the xlarge and the large for my two dogs and they go back and forth between them playing with them. The xlarge is a little too big for my Spaniel mix, but she still kicks it around like a soccer ball! Best part is that they are both aggressive chewers and haven't torn them apart yet.
good purchase
December 18, 2015
exactly what i was looking for my pet! My dog loves these balls
By Nicco
My cat loves these!
August 25, 2015
My cat seems to like most any kind of ball that she can bat-n-chase. I bought a 3-pack assuming that she would never be able to make them squeak; boy was I wrong! I love hearing her just walking around the house...SQUEAKY, SQUEAKY, SQUEAKY!
The best part is the surface of the ball is exactly like a a tennis ball, so she can pick them up with her claws. It's hilarious to see her walk by one on the floor and swipe it up with one paw, pop it in her mouth, and...SQUEAKY, SQUEAKY, SQUEAKY!
By Pegg
Elkview, WV
My pups bounce with them!
March 3, 2015
My 9 mos. old corgi pups are big fans of these balls . . . just the right size and texture with the added bonus of squeakers. Keeps them active indoors and out!
By Sherry
Medford OR
Kong Air Squeaker Balls Extra Small
January 18, 2015
Looked all over for these balls, finally found them on your web site. They are perfect for his size.
Small enough to go in his mouth and soft enough for him to squeak by himself. He just loves them.
Also the price is fair.
By ikey
quickly destroyed by a 6 lb. chi
September 26, 2014
Little ikey (6 lb. chi) gets his ball every day when I get home from work for his half hour play time before dinner. He loves these balls but goes through one a week. He destroys the balls way too fast I wish they lasted longer.
By Vicki
Cincinnati Ohio
Best deal
August 21, 2014
My pits just love these Kong squeaker balls and I only order here because the price is the best.
By Summer's M.
Bronx, NY
My dog Loves these
July 29, 2014
I have a miniature pinscher and she's always looking for something to squeak and chew on. These extra small balls are perfect for her and she loves them. The only downside is that she's an expert at taking out the squeaky part. She still plays with the balls until she tears them apart. I love that I can stock up on them here and it doesn't hurt the pockets!
By Rini
Los Angeles, CA
Perfect for small dogs
March 14, 2014
Small enough my papillon can fetch and carry. My dogs love them.
By Mluvnlife
Des Moines, Iowa
Cute lil ball
February 5, 2014
Perfect for small mouthed chihuahua loves these as he wants to play ball like the big dogs but the regular size tennis balls are just too big for his they squeak...that is an added plus for fun play!
By Texas P.
San Antonio, TX
Perfect Size
January 14, 2014
These balls are the perfect size for our 2 shih-tzus. They love to chew on them and make them squeak.
By Trixie's m.
Canton, Ohio
Favorite toy
January 4, 2014
My dog, Peanut, and I play with these balls every evening and she plays with them alone throughout the day. I have a small pail with a dozen balls in various states of use always available for her. Even when she's pulled the coating and squeaker off, she likes the ball because it bounces higher than it does when its new. The first command she learned was fetch; now she likes to catch a bouncing ball. We have a couple other brands around, but Peanut has no interest in those probably because they aren't as pliable. At 20 pounds, my dog thinks these balls are the best fit for her.
By doggiemistress
one big doggie
December 29, 2013
I got these for my grand dog, a huge lab. She adores playing ball and the smaller tennis sized balls are really too small for her. When she opened this, she was thrilled. I was, too, because now she can squeak to her hearts content without killing any of the other dog's toys!
By sharingpuppylove
Great ball
December 4, 2013
I have order these balls several time and will order again. perfect size , easy for dogs to pick up. easy to see.
By abby
Review for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
November 17, 2013
Sorry, my Yorkie tried to play with one of them, but they were not soft enough for her. Gave them away to friends.
Augusta, GA
Great Ball
October 21, 2013
My puppy loves this ball. It's bigger than the large squeaker ball so a little safer for my young dog who might try to eat a ball! She is mischevious!
By Sam
My Dog Enjoys Smaller Tennis Balls
September 15, 2013
I have always had the regular sized tennis balls but saw these when I was placing an order for another product and thought I would give them a try. My dog enjoys the smaller tennis balls. So we are both happy.
By Boogs M.
New Haven CT
my dog loves these!
August 11, 2013
Even tho he shreds them in a matter of moments, the satisfaction he gets squeaking and rolling these around makes me happy so I dont mind spending a few $ for my pups pleasure
By Trixie's m.
Canton, Ohio
Need Supervision With Puppies
July 25, 2013
I have found that all of these Kong balls that look like tennis balls have an outer covering that can be chewed off rather quickly by puppies. I use these balls but only when I am playing with my puppy. I don't let her have them to chew on when she is alone. I recommend the hard rubber Kong balls over these.
By hef321
Houston, TX
Great price
April 29, 2013
The price is great from entirely pets. Quality looks good.
By cookie
chicago, il.
kong squeaker tennis balls
December 29, 2012
My grandpuppy is a white boxer named Wrigley He loves these squeaker balls, and i like that they are a larger size then just a regular sized tennis ball.

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