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Benebone Bacon Stick Dog Chew Toy Small

Item: 1004460
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Benebone's Bacon Stick Dog Chew Toy! This toy is made of nylon and has real bacon throughout-think of it as the amped-up version of a regular stick with no splintering or dirty mess. Made in the USA this chew toy comes in three sizes, so dogs from all barks of life can enjoy a Benebone. The dental chew has ridges to help scrub away plaque and tartar and because it's designed with your paw-tner's paws in mind, the unique shape offers him a good grip, so he can fully enjoy his new Benebone.

Key Benefits

  • Crafted with 100% real food ingredients including real, USA-sourced bacon all the way through the chew.
  • Helps remove plaque and tartar as your pup chews.
  • The unique shape helps your dog get a good grip.
  • Available in three sizes-small, medium and large.
  • Made in the USA.

Useful Information

While recognizing that weight limit is a rough guide, our small products are for dogs under 30 lbs. Always choose the largest size your dog can handle.


My dog is allergic to certain foods, am I safe to give my dog a Benebone?

Benebones are made of nylon and are made in facilities that process peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, pork and beef. In addition, Benebones may contain peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, beef, peppermint and/or maple wood ingredients for flavoring purposes. Therefore, Benebones should not be purchased for use in households where a human or pet may have an allergy to nylon, peanuts, pork, chicken, peppermint and/or maple wood.

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