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Bio-Groom Repel-35 (16 fl oz)

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Bio-Groom Repel-35 (16 oz) is a lasting residual action insect control spray. Repel 35 kills lice and louse eggs, ticks and fleas (adult and larvae) on dogs. Repel 35 will control fleas and ticks on dogs for 35 days! It is made with a water base formula with Lanolin and Aloe.

Active Ingredients:
Permethrin 0.5%
Inert ingredients 99.50%

To Use: Start spraying at the tail, moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure the animal's entire body is covered, including the legs and underbody. While spraying, fluff the hair so the spray will penetrate to the skin. Repeat every 35 days if needed. DO NOT use on puppies under 12 weeks old. DO NOT use on cats or Kittens.

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