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Bio Spot Flea & Tick Home Treatments

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A flea or tick infested pet is forced to endure immense irritation and they are often at high risk of contracting vector-borne diseases. This flea and tick season you need to step up by investing in quality home and yard treatment products to keep your furry pal safe from these bloodsucking parasites. Fleas and ticks usually populate areas around their host and they are often found populating yards, carpets, upholstery, and other places in your home. Treating your pet with a spray or a shampoo is only half a job done. You need to supplement that with a proper home and yard treatment plan.
Bio Spot Flea and Tick Home Treatment products are made specifically to eradicate fleas and ticks living in your home. They have specialized products such as the Bio Spot Active Care Carpet Spray and Bio Spot Defence Indoor Fogger to quickly control even the most severe infestations.

The Bio Spot home treatment products make use of powerful blends of ingredients to not only kill fleas and ticks but also destroy eggs and nymphs. This completely disrupts the lifecycle of the parasites thus reducing the chances of future infestations. Read the directions of use to learn the best way to use Bio Spot Flea and Tick Home Treatment products. These products are not suitable for pets and thus should not be directly applied to them or any other animal.

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