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Bob-A-Lot Multi Chambered Interactive Dog Toy

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Works Great With Simply Wild Pet FoodBob-A-Lot Multi Chambered Interactive Dog Toy by Starmark can be filled with treats or food in the top or bottom chamber, and must be manipulated by the dog's nose or paws to extract the goodies inside. Both the top and bottom chambers feature adjustable openings to regulate the difficulty in which the dog removes the treats. The toy holds up to three cups of food in a variety of sizes, and is a great way to feed and exercise your dog.

The Bob-A-Lot is made from a durable polymer with an anti-slip coating on the bottom. One size is appropriate for dogs of all sizes, however there is now a new Small Bob-A-Lot if you choose.

TREAT Dispensing Bob-A-Lot

  • Holds Variety of Treats & Kibble Easy-to-Fill, Easy to Clean dual chambers allow you to fill Treats with kibble.
  • Easily Customize Difficulty Level Adjust opening to control release of treats. Bobs and tilts on weighted, anti-slip base.
  • Provides Hours of Challenging Play Puzzle releases treats as your dog paws, nudges and chases.

  • Bob-A-Lot Directions:
    1. Pour kibble and/or treats in top.
    2. Adjust the 2 openings for difficulty level.
    3. Treats fall out as your dog plays!

    Bob-A-Lot works well when filled with Simply Wild Pet Food.

    Bob-A-Lots escaping our warehouse trying to find dogs to play with

    The small is ideal for dogs under 30 lbs and measures 7" tall and 15" around the largest point. The large is ideal for dogs over 30 lbs and measures 10" tall and measures 19" around the largest point.

    As the world leader in pet educations for over a decade, our award-winning training and behavior tools are developed by experts and performance-tested by thousands of dogs at the Starmark Academy - Animal Behavior Center. As the facility of world-class education and training programs for dogs and professional dog trainers, we understand how dogs think, play and learn - this hands-on knowledge makes our products unique. Our entire system of safe, effective and useful solutions is designed to stimulate the mind and body.

    Our goal is simple: keeping pets happy in their homes by improving relationships with their owners.

    Useful Information

    Measures 10" high x 6" wide.

    Customer Reviews

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    90% Recommend this product (9 of 10 responses)
    By Dot
    Savannah, GA
    Fantastic Toy
    December 27, 2015
    The Bob-A-Lot was the best gift I purchased for my Malamute; it entertained him and kept him out of mischief.
    By Weezer
    Both dogs love it.
    April 29, 2013
    Great interactive dog toy as it keeps the boys busy and occupied. It's quite noisy so good to use outside. It holds a lot of dog food if filled and adjustable slots make it usable for any sized dog kibble. Both my dogs love this toy.
    By Badkneealso
    Old Bridge, NJ
    Dogs Love It!
    January 23, 2013
    I love that you can put any size treat in it and just select the dial for how slow or fast it will come out even with tiny treats or kibble!
    By W8ZV
    Boh dogs love it
    January 18, 2013
    This makes a good toy to get the old Golden Retrievers busy with their food. They get fed and and get to do a little work for it as well. Keeps them busy on cold winter days when they belong inside instead of in a snow drift ! :-).
    By JulieZ
    best kibble dispenser I've tried so far
    January 7, 2012
    I like these for enrichment feeding my 2 60 pound dogs, they can hold enough kibble to fit a meal inside, where as most other's I've tried don't quite hold enough.

    The dogs do make quite a racket banging them up and down the hallway, but seem to enjoy the challenge.

    I've yet to find a style easy to fill, but I'd say this is less difficult than others.
    By Susan
    Great for bored Aussies!
    January 1, 2012
    My parents' Aussie loves her Bob-a-lot! We haven't had a problem at all with her tearing into hers. It even keeps her busy and occupied when storms come up and she gets thunderstorm anxiety. I will say that they can be very loud on hardwood floors, which is probably why the storms don't bother her as much. I'm now ordering another one for me and my guys! :-)
    By Cowmummy
    Great!! Slows food consumption
    September 23, 2011
    My puppy does great with her bob-a-lot, it makes her work for her food and gives her time to actually chew/digest. I've used mine with and without the yellow cap. If you are only putting food in the bottom area I removed the yellow cap for a different level of difficulty. We've had athe smallest bob-alot and the largest, she did fine with both!

    While potty training the bob-a-lot kept my puppy busy long enough for me to shower!! I suggest you introduce this to puppies. My puppy and several of her litter mates caught on right away, where as my older dog couldn't figure it out. He just stayed close to try and steal the food my puppy knocked out!

    I used purina puppy chow, it came out fine. so any puppy sized food works great. but adult sized food was too large to come out easily.
    By thecatdragon
    Okay for the right dog
    March 1, 2011
    This product probably would have been okay for my dog if I would have had a dog food that came out of it better. The one dog food I tried had triangle bits that were small and dots that were even smaller but the triangles seemed to hang up even with it open all the way. So I put it up until I decided to change dog food. Small round kibble bits and they still stuck some and my dog seems to have a thing with texture so he kept chewing on the top instead of pushing it around for food. He likes his other food dispensers but this one was a bust. I had to take it away and get rid of it before he hurt himself. For another dog with the right treats or kibble it would probably be great.
    By dswsjs
    Review for Bob-A-Lot Multi Chambered Interactive Dog Toy
    February 23, 2011
    If you have a large breed dog - this may not be the correct toy for it.
    It took my dog about an hour to chew and ingest the greater portion of the screw on lid.
    By Bodie&Tigger
    Awesome food toy!
    March 27, 2010
    My dogs, Bodie (lab) & Tigger (lab mix), LOVE these toys. The Bob-a-Lot is guaranteed to get their tails wagging energetically. They are entertained for quite a while, as they work to get access to their food. I am convinced they are far happier, healthier and saner, getting their breakfast this way, rather than gulping it down in five seconds from a simple boring dog food bowl.

    My dogs eagerly await their Bob-a-Lot toys. Each dog grabs one Bob-a-Lot, and carries it to the Sacred Bob-a-Lot Site (dogs are so silly). Then they nudge the toy with their noses, rolling it around in circles or knocking it over again and again. They are completely enthralled until the last piece of kibble falls out.

    The food falls more easily out of the main compartment, and more slowly from the top compartment. This allows the user to decide how quickly the dogs can get the food. Plus, each compartment has an adjustable food outlet, which allows additional control. Also, you can use your own dry kibble or treats - you don't need to buy refills from Starmark.

    The only drawback is, don't let your dog play with this toy unsupervised. Once all the food is gone, my dogs want to start chewing on the yellow cap, which can be destroyed by dog teeth. But, this is a small, easily avoided problem, so my dogs and I still enthusiastically endorse the Bob-a-Lot!

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