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Booda Bonkers Bonker

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The Booda Bonkers Bonker involves a quintessential dog chew toy that also bounces on hard surfaces, making it a bit unpredictable and exciting for a dog.

Made out of hard, durable rubber in a multi colored design, the Bonker provides a good thinner middle for a dog to bite and pick up, with brightly colored round ends to grab attention and teeth play.

The Booda Bonkers Bonker is made of a rubber that won't wear, go brittle or fall apart from a dog's chewing. In fact, the toy's surface is pliable enough for the dog to get a grip, but then it expands back. As a result, the chewing will exercise a dog's jaws and facial strength, but it won't do much damage to the toy. The toy's surface is also entirely safe so your dog won't suffer any negative effects either.

The Boody Bonker comes in a dark blue, orange and yellow color scheme, so it's easy to find and distinguish among your dog's other toys.

Other features include:
  • A wide array of sister toys in the Booda line which will entertain a dog for weeks on end.
  • Durability that won't break down regardless of how much a dog uses the toy.
  • Easy to wash and keep clean so there's no worry about residue or dirt getting stuck in the toy or being brought inside the house.
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