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Booda Comfy Perch Large 21" - Assorted

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Bird's need entertainment and perches just as much as any animal that will spend time within a confined cage. However, standard plastic doesn't feel natural to birds. Rope on the other hand feels very natural to a birds claws, and they can sink in for a good grip.

With the Booda Comfy Perch a bird owner is able to provides a multi-colored perch made of rope that will definitely be a favorite roost spot for a pet bird.

The Booda Comfy Perch in large size is 21 inches long and connects at both ends with plastic caps. A bird's eyes will be instantly focused on the different colors in the rope, and the surface will feel natural to their claws, offering a far better place to stand than on a flat plastic surface. Bird can even hang upside down without falling off because their claws will sink into the Comfy Perch, offering a solid grip. This features works very well for parrots and similar bird breeds who regularly hang upside down to get to food.

So, to recap, the Booda Comfy Perch provides the following:
  • A detailed, multi-color rope that birds will gravitate to quickly.
  • A natural-feeling perch that birds will acclimate to.
  • Easy connections to match hookups in a bird cage for easy installation.
  • A easy-to-clean fabric that washes out quickly.
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