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Bottom's Up Leash - RED
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Bottom's Up Leash - RED

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Bottom's Up Leash

A Patented hind-leg support harness for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or any other problem that affects the hind legs or spine. This product was voted Product of the Year (2004) by Dog Fancy Magazine. Make your dog more comfortable on walks, buy the Bottom's Up Leash for him.

  • The Bottom's Up Leash Helps pet up and down stairs
  • Helps pet in and out of vehicles
  • Rear-end support for "private moments"
  • No more towels under belly
  • No more sore back for you!
  • Great for some post-surgery

  • Simplicity. Very simple to put on and to take off.
  • Quality. 2004 Dog Fancy Magazine Pet Product of the Year Award.
  • Comfort. Padded and will not chafe or harm your dog.
  • Reputation. It is endorsed and sold by a long list of veterinarians.
  • Dignity. Most importantly, it gives your dog his/her dignity back!

  • One size fits all.
  • Also Try the Senior Joint MAX Kit to get additional savings!

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    Useful Information

    ... A PARTIAL LIST...

    "Got the leash today - it is exactly what we've been looking for! Our german shepherd is recovering from back surgery to repair a ruptured disk, and is just now starting to put weight on his hind legs and walk with some support from us. The walkabout harness I purchased though it did the job was an absolute ordeal to get him in an out of (he's 115 lbs of semi-paralyzed dog at the moment) and it kind of hindered his ability to walk naturally. This harness is breeze to put on, and because there's not a lot of material wrapped around his body he can walk more naturally. I noticed this difference the first time I used it with Boomer -- it was the longest walk we were able to take since the surgery. Thanks!"
    Toni M. -- Pitman, NJ

    "I can't tell you what a difference the leash makes. I was finally able to get Cody in and out of the house by myself... without him urinating on me or himself. You guys have a really excellent product. My vet is using a canvas wood carrier that's been modified a bit. It isn't nearly as effective as the leash. Have you marketed this at trade shows? There is such a great demand out there and I'm surprised at how many people are unaware the leash exists. Anyway, thanks for all of your help. Cody is going for acupuncture tomorrow for his ruptured disc. He has regained feeling in his legs, but just can't support himself. We're hoping for the best. You guys are lifesavers."
    Mary Zane Addy and Laura Clark -- Hampstead, MD

    "From the minute I received my leash, my 12 year old Wheaton Terrier Max, has been running. My dog has Degenerative Mylopathy. His back legs have slowly become paralyzed. I am 5'1", my dog weighs 47lbs, and I could not get him around. I tried every product on the market, I spent triple the money on products. My male dog hated All of them, and urinated on them each time. This leash has saved my arms and back and given Max, a "New leash on Life!" He is only limited by how fast I can go! It gives him freedom to be a dog! I am not constantly, washing the leash and he gets in and out of it in seconds. I truly, do not know what I would do , without it. I am so thankful I found this leash, and I am always reccommending it, to people who see us walking. All my vets have been amazed by this leash. I cannot say enough about it. Thank you!"
    Hope Morris -- Marina Del Rey, CA

    "Thank you for contacting me. I used the leash because my lab had degenerative disc disease in her lower back. Unfortunately, it got worse and she had to be put to sleep in March. Your product definitely gave us several months that we would not have had otherwise. Thank you very much. A member of the bouvier list I belong to mentioned your product. I saved his reference because of the age of our Bouvier (13+) and can now use it. I did review other similar products but was attracted to "BottomsUpLeash" because: 1) it seats underneath the pelvis and not around the chest or waist and our dog (as I presume most other elderly dogs) needs hindquarter support, not otal body support, 2) ease of on/off, and 3) the cost is quite reasonable especially considering that realistically, our dog is in the twilight of her life." Gail -- USA

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
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    58% Recommend this product (11 of 19 responses)
    By Nanadog
    Springfield, VA
    Really works!
    March 14, 2016
    I purchased this to help my dog get up on the couch because I can no longer lift him all the way up. He places his front legs on the edge of the couch and then I lift his rear legs. Solved my problem. Great product.
    By punkin
    north pole,alaska
    bottoms up pet leash
    January 3, 2016
    this leash assisted our tikka, ( 70+ lb german shepherd) to walk with our help outside and be able to do her daily potty routine and walk a bit. she had little or no use of her back legs and this was a better sling to lift her.
    By Sage
    Review for Bottom's Up Leash - RED
    December 22, 2015
    Our dog an Airedale, is 10 1/2 years old. She tore her left ACL in 2014. She had surgery and during the recovery process we used a sling to help her get around and up/down stairs. It worked "ok" but put pressure across her abdomen when doing stairs. It was also very difficult to use on walks. This year (just over 12 months since she tore her left ACL) our dog tore her right ACL. This time the vet recommended giving her time to see how she did. I happened across the Bottom's Up Leash while ordering another product on EntirelyPets. I decided to take a chance on it. I'm glad I did. It is truly much easier to use than a sling, and there is no pressure placed across our dog's abdomen. Our dog seems to walk a lot easier with the Bottom's Up Leash. It's easy to put on and take off our dog. I highly recommend this product.
    By MaryAnn
    Knoxville, Tennessee
    Bottoms up leash
    August 20, 2015
    I purchased this or my daughter to use for her Labrador that was having leg surgery. For now she can't use it because the Dr. felt it would put too much pressure on the incision. Once he is healed and if he has difficulty standing it will be an excellent resource for her. She really liked the concept and will keep it till necessary needed.
    Thank you for your selections and pricing is great!
    By Linus' M.
    Fabulous Find
    September 16, 2014
    The Bottoms Up harness is truly a lifesaver. It has helped immeasurably in dealing with my dog's torn ACL and arthritis in his knees. I know it is making his walking and recovery much easier. So glad I found this.
    By MARY K.
    Bourbonnais, Il.
    bottoms up leash
    August 11, 2014
    My dog is getting old and has, through abuse, lost the socket parts of both hind legs. He can no longer jump from the stairs we bought to help him get into the back seat of the car for his daily walk, which is all he looks forward to any more. The bottoms-up leash has been a great aide to his fun. Thank you.
    By Debbie
    Homer, Ak
    Bottoms up leash
    May 21, 2013
    Good Idea except it didn't fit my large dog. It will need to be modified before I can use it, no way to get the straps on the dog without working his legs through it, when they can't stand on injured legs it is no help at all. It needs to clip on around legs for ease in use both for the dog and the owner. It might work well for smaller dogs that can be easily lifted and maneuvered but not on large breed.
    By Suzi
    VERY helpful!
    May 1, 2013
    My dal suffers from a disc injury that has left him with limited mobility in his rear legs. With this harness we can once again enjoy taking walks together!
    By MarkW
    Buffalo, New York
    Just what I needed.
    April 7, 2013
    This was just the product I needed for my 16 year old dog who just lost about 80% use of his back right leg to arthritis. I had made a crude but functional leash out of some workout bands and an old leash but this is just what the doctor ordered. I'm trying to keep him off of using a cart for as long as I can and this is just the thing to do it. With a little support from me he gets out to see his friends twice a day and then some. Thanks
    By carl
    not for large dogs
    March 29, 2013
    I purchased this leash for my St. Bernard, it says it fits ups to 125lb dog, this is not for xlarge dogs, need to carry more items for xlarge dogs with walking trouble
    By toria
    North Vernon In
    nothing could bring me such extreme happiness as
    September 19, 2012
    you have a step up to heaven Mr Arnie Costell, My story is close to yours,my other type of soul mate, 16 yrs old golden lab,chow,& ?, Bruce is now able to walk stairs,and mark his domain, his ears are perky, his tail is held high, we are sooo! happy again. Thank you for many more memories with Bruce. The bottoms up leash you invented can give many dogs more time to spend with their families,and it worked first time,easy placement & he is proud again xxxooo toria THANK-YOU
    By Greg
    Lancaster, PA.
    Good product
    February 16, 2012
    This product is sturdy and well made. The straps stay where they are adjusted to. My dogs front is still in good shape and with this he can still get around and go to the bathroom.
    By Paddy
    Buddy not yet ready
    February 4, 2012
    I bought this for our 10 yr old lab because he seemed to be dragging his hind legs. But I think he is not yet ready for us to support him. He prefers to drag himself up on his own steam as of now.

    But I suspect he might let us help him in another 6 months.
    By CC M.
    May 4, 2009
    Been using this 9 months. My baby has degenerative disc disease and we use this 5 days a week for our 1 - 1 1/2 mile walks at the bay. We've educated many people about how a dog's quality of life can be much improved. He will be 13 years old this Thurs. (May 7th). Thank you so much for allowing us more time with our boy. His acupuncture doctor agrees :) EXERCISE is the best medicine and he has been able to do that. PAWS to you!
    By Copper's M.
    Not for stifle surgery patients
    September 4, 2008
    Don't buy this if you need something to assist your dog after stifle (knee) surgery. This product might be good for dogs who need support walking, but it has not been of any use to us. Our vet recommended buying some type of harness for our 11 year old, 65 pound dog when he was going to have surgery on his second stifle. We discovered when we picked him up after the operation that the harness would rub the incision, so we couldn't use it at all when it was most needed during his healing process. $50 wasted. After he healed, our dog usually does fine walking but still has trouble getting up and with the many stairs in our house. Of course the harness is always somewhere else when he wants to get up or go up or down steps, so we improvise. He figured out how to go down on his own but is more confident if someone walks next to him grasping the built-in handle (aka tail). We don't put any tension on the tail but simply are ready to use it to keep him from falling. Going up, he walks his front up while we carry his rear. Our smart dog comes to get us to help when he wants to go up or down now. The harness was on him just once before the surgery to try it on and adjust it, but it's never been used since.
    By francis
    The Magic of the Leash
    July 31, 2008
    You assured me that your leash would help my old Aussie, Ollie, to stand up, even though he walks on his own. You may not know that the leash can do this without actually being placed on the dog. Through some mystical enhancement the Bottoms Up leash causes Ollie to get up (or most of the way, anyhow) before I even get it on him!

    Although he takes pain medication and glucosamine he's stiff in the morning and after long periods of inactivity, but two times out of five he can get up without relying on the leash. Just starting to put it on gives him the 'boost' he needs to get up!

    I think that Ollie is so suggestable that pain and fear have caused him to panic. Using the leash has caused an attitude adjustment!

    Even when he does need the Bottoms Up and my help, once he is up and stabilized I just drop the lead and he walks out of the leash without any problem.

    By the way, when I asked my vet about the Bottoms Up she showed me the one she bought. She has only had it a few weeks but likes it for post surgical use.

    Thanks again for a really helpful product. Like I said, It's Magic!

    FR, San Antonio Texas
    By Lisa
    I can't imagine how either of us would survived without it!
    July 31, 2008
    My 10-year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Koa, suffered a herniated disc in January 2007. Even after surgery he hasn't fully regained the use of his back right leg. My back was killing me trying to bend down low enough to help him outside. I tried using a towel and other things but, being a male dog, he couldn't/wouldn't urinate using one of these items. This sling has been an amazing thing for both of us! Koa still doesn't have full use of his back right leg but with the aid of the sling he is able to get around and is rebuilding his muscles every day. I can't imagine how either of us would have survived without it!
    By Sandy N.
    Thank you so much!
    July 31, 2008
    Thank you for the promptness of this order and also for mine last month. My first order was put in on a Thurs eve and I had it by Sat afternoon. This order was put in late Mon nite and I had it Thur morn. I brought it right over to this girl at the coffee shop that we've become good friends with over the years. She was so happy to have it. She said she has to lift up her dog's butt with her hands to get him up her stairs. She doesn't have any where near as many stairs as I have but it still is wear and tear on her back. I told her how great my Nitro was doing up and down 2 flights of stairs and wanting to keep walking. I told her what a great product you have and she was interested. She used it Thur afternoon and evening, by Friday she said he was doing pretty good she said he even looked like he was proud and confident. I can't wait to talk to her Monday to see how it went over the weekend.
    I want to Thank you so much. I love my Nitro so much he is my "adopted son" I've had him since he was a 3 month (blk lab/shep/ border coll) pup. He's almost 16 yrs now and thanks to you and Bottom's Up Leash I can get him up and down the stairs longer. I kept praying for the lottery so I could buy a home for us so he wouldn't have to climb stairs, and I truly believe Nitro understands me and is waiting for that house. I felt that was my only option, and realistically that'll never happen but one can dream right? And when Nitro started getting worse and the arthritis was preventing him from getting up and down my stairs and watching him fall down a couple of stairs and even slip on the kitchen floor, and sometimes see him go to the bathroom on the floor, because he was afraid to go downstairs, to see him know he couldn't do what he used to and know how humiliated he must feel( I know it sounds nuts but I can see it in my boys eyes, I know what he's thinking and feeling) I was really getting myself sick, every time I took him outside I cried. He would bark to go out but he hesitated when he saw the stairs. Now he barks and he's very energetic (even just for a little while) he lets me put on the bottoms up leash and his lead leash and when I open the door he wants to run down right away. I am amazed. I have to try to keep up with him. You know what made me almost cry was the 2nd day that Nitro used the leash, he wanted to chase a squirrel? I told him you want to go get em? Let's go. And together we ran after a squirrel until (thank God) it ran up a tree. But to see Nitro's face light up and look with satisfaction that he scared a squirrel up a tree, it gave him his dignity back. I don't know what brought me to the computer or how I found your website, but I know it was nothing short of a miracle. I believe that your pal Watson is a little angel working miracles for people and dogs that have a very special bond. So again thank you!
    By Martha H.
    July 31, 2008
    I spoke to you Friday about our order for our Golden Retriever, Christy. Guess what? It arrived today. We have already used it on her, it is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much.

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