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Caldera Hot & Cold Pet Bed - Gray (Medium)

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Caldera International, a leader in human hot and cold therapy products since 1999 has now designed and developed a NEW patent-pending Caldera Hot & Cold Pet Bed. This one of a kind therapeutic pet bed provides both cooling relief to an over-heated pet, or soothing warmth to a chilled, or arthritic pet. The time tested Non-Toxic (FDA Approved) gel packs can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave. Simply slide the gel packs into the reinforced chew resistant and scratch resistant pockets to provide your pet the desired temperature relief they require. If no therapy is required, leave the gel packs in place, and turn the bed over to provide your pet a relaxing multi-layered pillow top comfort.

Each pet bed is constructed using a tough 1000 denier Cordura Nylon outer fabric. The inside is made using a 10 once fiberfill batting and each of the rounded corners and pockets of the bed is protected utilizing a 40-ounce truck tarp material creating the ultimate chew and scratch resistant pet bed.

  • Includes: Medium 28” x 41” pet bed with one reusable Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Packs.
  • The Caldera Hot and Cold Pet Bed offers both hot and cold temperature correction to keep your dog comfortable. The non-toxic therapeutic gel pack fits inside the bed's insulated insert to warm or cool your pet for an extended period of time. Simply freeze or microwave the included gel pack to achieve the perfect therapeutic temperature your pet requires.
  • Made from chew- and scratch-resistant 1000 denier Cordura fabric, the Caldera Hot and Cold Pet Bed stands up to rambunctious pets and frequent use to keep your pet comfy season after season. Gel pockets and rounded corners reinforced with 40-oz truck tarp material also withstand wear and tear.
  • Useful Information

    Hot Therapy: If Therapy Gel Pack has been in freezer, remove and let it thaw to room temperature before proceeding. Lay Therapy Gel Pack flat in microwave. Heat at full power for recommended time as stated on gel pack. Remove from microwave and check for desired temperature. Temperature will continue to rise slightly. If additional heat is desired, return to microwave and heat in 30-sec increments. Place Therapy Gel Pack inside Caldera Therapy Bed or Insert. DO NOT heat Therapy Gel pack for more than recommended time. Excessive heating may cause Therapy Gel pack to rupture, leak, and cause bodily harm.

    Cold Therapy: Place Therapy Gel pack in your freezer for at least 1 hour. Remove Therapy Gel pack from your freezer and place inside a Caldera Therapy Bed or Insert.

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