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Cameo Otic Ointment

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CAMEO Otic Ointment is a weekly solution for helping manage your dog’s ear health. CAMEO is indicated for the control of discharges in the ear related to certain bacteria and yeast. Manufacturer studies show a greater than 99% reduction in the bacteria's Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, and the yeast Malassezia pachydermatis.

CAMEO remains highly effective for 7 days which means no need to retreat more than once a week. One package contains the appropriate dosing for one dog for one month. Unlike other prescription ear medications, CAMEO does not contain any antibiotics or steroids, instead using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, making it a long-term treatment option.

Features convenient once-a-week dosage:

  • Easy-to-administer solution in eight single-use tubes
  • Residual efficacy up to seven days
  • Improves client compliance
  • Package contains: 8 x 2.5 g tubes
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