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Catit Catnip Spray (3 oz)

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Trying to convince a cat to keep its claws and teeth just to a toy can be a downright pain. Cats often mark where they scratch, which in turn gets them to come back again and again to the same spot.

However, with the Catit Catnip Spray the entire smell focus can be disrupted in a positive manner but creating a bigger attraction to a cat's nose.

Catnip has been a major favorite for cats for centuries. The herb makes cats go bonkers. They chew, scratch, rub and drool over the herb whenever possible.

The Catit Catnip Spray can be applied to scratching posts, toys, beds and even cat stands. All of these resources work extremely well in redirecting a cat's attention and, more importantly, it's clawing on pliable surfaces. By focusing a cat on viable targets for claw attention, a cat owner can literally save himself thousands of dollars in damage to furniture, beds, walls, and stairs.

The Catit Catnip Spray comes with other benefits including:
  • A portable container design which can be easily packaged and brought on a trip to keep a cat occupied when it has to travel or be kenneled with favorite toys.
  • A 3 oz container, providing plenty of catnip fluid that will last for weeks of regular use.
  • A supply that doesn't fade with time since the catnip included is concentrated, so that means the product will work again and again.
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