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  4. Clenz A Dent Toothpaste w/ Finger Brush - Vanilla Mint (70 gm)

Clenz A Dent  Toothpaste w/ Finger Brush - Vanilla Mint (70 gm)
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Clenz A Dent Toothpaste w/ Finger Brush - Vanilla Mint (70 gm)

Item: IWM037187
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This item is on MANUFACTURER BACKORDER. We recommend trying CET Pet Toothpaste - Dog & Cat Toothpaste 2.5oz (70gm)

Try Bonies Dental FormulaClenz A Dent RF2 Toothpaste is a palatable for the reduction of plaque and bad breath in dogs and cats. Clenz A Dent RF2 contains a unique patented ingredient. RF2 breaks down the biofilm made by bacteria present in the mouth. Biofilm is the first step to plaque and tartar build-up. Therefore Clenz A Dent RF2 disrupts the formation of biofilm and thus prevents plaque build-up and tartar.

RF2 also restores the mouth's natural bacterial balance. The combined actions of RF2 on tartar build-up and bacterial balance help fight bad breath


Inredients: Purified water, sorbitol, dicalcium phospate dihydrate, hydrated silica, rheum palmatum (source of RF2), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, propylene glycol, sodium saccharinate, flavor, methylparaben, propylparaben, titanium dioxide. 1g of toothpaste containes 20mg of RF2.

Directions for Use Apply once a day on the teeth with the finger brush or a soft bristled toothbrush. Can be used in protocol with the other Clenz A Dent products for effective home dental care. The veterinarian's recommendations should be followed.

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