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Composure Liquid MAX for Dogs and Cat (8 oz)

Item: COMLIQ188B
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Composure Liquid is recommended for dogs and cats exposed to increased environmental stressors. It is an advanced formula that contains a combination of factors, not found in other calming formulas that help reduce behavioral problems associated with stressful situations.

Composure Liquid combines L-Theanine (Suntheanine® Brand), Thiamin (B 1), Lecithin (from soy), and a calming Decapepetide (Lactium® Brand) from milk protein hydrolystate. These ingredients address stress and calming. This formula uses the Suntheanine® brand L-Theanine, which has extensive research and documentation, over 45 studies, that suggest it is helpful in the area of reducing stress and anxiety. T hiamin (Vitamin B 1) specifically has been shown to affect the central nervous system to help calm and sooth anxious animals. Lecithin is calming to the nervous system. The Calming Decapeptide (Lactium® Brand) is isolated from the milk protein casein and is known for its calming effects.

Net Wt: 8 oz.

Useful Information

Ingredients: thiamin B1, l-theanine, lecithin, calming decapeptide, cornstarch, glycerin, guar gum, maltodextrin, non-fat milk solids, silicon dioxide, sorbic acid, sucrose, vegetable oil, water.

Customer Reviews

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73% Recommend this product (11 of 15 responses)
By Shoppy S.
August 7, 2015
Switched to this from the soft chewables... unsure if this formulation is more concentrated or not, but it might be worth a try if storage is an issue. (we have limited cabinet space and I buy multiple packages to save on shipping... but this leads to storage space problems.)

We had problems with the chews dehydrating and crumbling. Our dog loves this 'gravy' method of delivery; be sure to administer to your pet BEFORE the walk/car ride/stress introduction, to allow time for it to metabolize.

The only thing I do not like about this formula is the packaging; a self-contained method of measurement and/or delivery would be ideal. The twist-on cap gets messy, and having to measure with a separate spoon can be a hassle. Including a measuring dropper or squirt top would make this product a five-star item.
Essential for Multi-pet Home
June 23, 2015
This product has made a great difference in our multi-cat household. For various reasons, all our cats (all rescues/rehomes) now get a few drops of this in wet food 2x/day and there is now a more harmonious existence.
Most significant: Achieved reduced spraying in male cat that was an issue. Unfortunately, not completely stopped, but as good a result, if not better, than we had with prescription anti-anxiety meds. Also stopped over-grooming in a young female cat. She was licking to the point of pulling out fur in a section on her back. This has completely stopped and her fur is nice and thick and soft.
(NOTE: also use Feliway diffusers too)
By Belinda
Calms my dog
January 20, 2015
I've been using Composure for about 6 weeks now and have noticed my dog being calmer and easier to settle down when he is anxious. I ordered another two bottles. I use the liquid form and add it to his food once a day, in the morning.
By sarosomo
Trenton, NC
Composure Max liquid is good
May 21, 2014
I have a little dog with pancreatitis but nothing made her feel like her old self despite seeing three vets. She is a bit nervous, but not hyper, so I thought I would try the Composure Max to see if maybe her emotional state had anything to do with how she felt. Much to my surprise, within a couple of days she was nearly "normal". Active and happy, able to relax between active periods. Best of all it doesn't sedate and doesn't seem to have any bad side effects.
By Black J.
Didn't work well
April 12, 2014
Got this for a cat and it's not very palatable. The taste is bad! I tried mixing it with some food and after a few bites, no more! I tried a syringe and we just got the frothing of the mouth and nausea. It just didn't work for me, maybe others have had better luck.
By bh
Very Calming
March 24, 2014
I bought this for my older cat to help calm her and keep her from attacking the new kitten in the house. It has been the most effective thing I have tried so far. She seems to sleep more but she is an old cat with arthritis so not necessarily a bad thing.
By Bella
St. George, Utah
Composure works great
March 22, 2014
We purchased Composure at the advice of
our Vet to calm a nervous 8 y/o Yorkie it
not only does it work she loves the taste.
I have recommended it to friends who also have a nervous little dog. It works within 10-15 mins
and she is ready for her nap.
By teddyweave
Cape Cod, Ma.
March 22, 2013
I have been professionally involved in dogs for over 30 years and have been using Composure for about a year on the recommendation of my Holistic Vet. I have a pom that has been diagnosed with "OCD" and anxiety and this is a good safe alternative to prescription medications. I do see a difference in her behavior. Love the product!
By gsdsteph
Oskaloosa, KS
nice product
March 17, 2013
I have a high energy 18 mo old male GSD. It is almost impossible to wear him out! I swear he has ADHD, sometimes leaving his usually gobbled food to check something out! We play hard everday and he gets obedience reminder school at least 3 x a week. Composure liquid takes the "edge off" and helps him complete the first meal of the day but does not intetefere with his energy drive!
By kdmc
It really works!
October 26, 2012
Our year old golden was developing separation anxiety. The liquid composure was very helpful in taking the edge off for him. We just pour the liquid on his food.
By kentfam
Wished for more
July 9, 2012
The bottle doesn't last too long when you have to give it a teaspoon at a time. Also, the ingredients settle and it needs a lot of shaking. I noticed no more effectiveness than just giving Suntheanine alone.
By Barb
Great for destressing my golden
January 15, 2012
My golden is an obedience dog, he gets over stimulated in dog show environments and ends up having trouble focusing. Composure has helped beyond expectations. He is able to relax and still remain alert and focused on the ring exercises. Composure has made a huge impact on my golden so he can do the sport he loves.
By rozi
FINALLY something that works
March 16, 2010
This product is great. It does what it says it will do. Exceptional. I've never written a review, but I am compelled to share with others how wonderful this product is. My cat's anxiety is greatly relieved.
By Sherrie
Works Very Well
August 6, 2009
I have an 11 year old mixed breed shelter rescue who had a lot of trauma in her youth. I adopted her when she was 6 mos. old. As she ages, she is showing extreme anxiety and separation issues at times. Giving her Composure daily has calmed her considerably. I like that it is a nutritional formula. Works very very well. Recommended for dogs that are high strung, seemingly inconsolable, and kind of nuts.
By f c.
July 13, 2009

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