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Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control for Cats & Kittens (4 oz)

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Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Calming Cat Spray. Feline stress can lead to all sorts of problem behaviors like scratching and urine marking. This easy-to-use spray works with a clinically-proven formula that “smells” like the natural soothing pheromones cats use in the wild to signal safety. Spray it at home anywhere your kitty scratches or marks, or even on beds, crates and furniture to help promote a more stress-free environment for your pal. It’s also great for the car and even for the vet’s office! Plus, it’s totally safe to use and won’t affect any other pets, including Fido—although he may also enjoy a more calm and relaxed kitty himself.

  • Odorless, drug-free formula mimics natural cat pheromones that signal a safe environment they can relax in.
  • Spray formula helps cats feel more calm and relaxed to help reduce stress-related behaviors.
  • Clinically proven to help reduce stress-related urine marking and scratching, and is great for vet visits, moving, introducing new pets or when traveling.
  • Odor-less formula can be sprayed on furniture, doors and other areas prone to urine marking and scratching, as well as on beds, scratchers and other kitty favorites.
  • Won’t affect any other pets so you can use it around dogs and anywhere in your home, and doesn’t leave any scent behind.
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    Useful Information

      To Transport Your Cat:
    • Spray inside the carrier or vehicle 15 minutes before transporting your cat. We recommend spraying each corner of the carrier, the floor, and the ceiling with 1-2 spritzes per location. Reapply the spray before each trip.
      To Reduce Urine Marking and Scratching in the House:
    • Spray once per day on prominent objects that tend to attract – or could be attractive – to your cat. For scratching, cover the whole area being scratched with multiple sprays.
    • For best results, use in combination with Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser to supplement home use.
    • May see results within the first week of use.
    • Allow 4 weeks to see significant changes in stress behaviors like urine marking and vertical scratching.

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