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Cosequin DS Reviews

Your dog doesn't have to be overweight or elderly to benefit from joint supplements. Arthritis and related joint disorders can affect a wide variety of animals, with several smaller breeds being genetically predisposed to developing these conditions. If you have a large, short-legged, or short-snout breed dog that leads an active lifestyle, or a dog that is older than seven years of age, then your pet can benefit greatly from specialized joint care.

There are many joint supplements on the market and with the wide variety available, selecting the solution that's right for your pet can be a trying experience. One of the top-performing supplements on the market today is Cosequin DS from Nutramax. This incredible supplement uses both glucosamine and chondroitin to facilitate the production and repair of the cartilage that composes your petís joints.

Though this double strength supplement includes high concentrations of scientifically proven ingredients, there is nothing like the peace of mind offered by a first-hand account of a productís performance. To show you exactly how well Cosequin DS works- we invite you to read these reviews from real customers.

Paddy and his Golden Retriever, Max, have one of the most heartwarming tales of Cosequinís success that Iíve ever read. Learn how the supplement turned a dire situation into something wonderful.

“Max is a 13 year old Golden and I started him on Cosequin DS Plus MSM about two years ago and it has helped him in ways I would not have thought possible. I am back to walking him three times a day, and every once in a while he will break into a little run... before the Cosequin he had difficulty getting up to a standing position.”

Maxís recovery shows Cosequinís incredible potential to heal. But itís just as important that a supplement performs without causing additional complications. To show what I mean, letís see how the pristine formula of Cosequin DS provided a very special solution to Pookie's problems.

“Our dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and the joint supplement we were giving him had dextrose in it. After researching alternatives, I came across Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets. I checked with my vet and he researched the product and said that there was a study done which showed that the Cosequin does NOT affect blood glucose and it was all right to give to our dog. Pookie has some joint issues because of his age (12 years) and we could see the mobility difference when he was taken off the other joint supplement. Within a week on the Cosequin, his mobility dramatically improved, even more so than when on the prior joint supplement. I would recommend this product!”

Cosequin DS helped Pookie recuperate in spite of peripheral problems; but sometimes joint troubles are just the symptom of a more grievous condition. Even in these cases, Cosequin's unique formula stands above the rest. We hope this third astonishing story cements your confidence in this ineffable product.

Kandy, our Bullmastiff contracted Lyme disease 2 summers ago. After a month on antibiotic pills she was left with crippling arthritis-like symptoms in her legs and a look of pain in her eyes. She could barely stand and walk. I started her on the loading dosage of Cosequin DS Tablets, which she ate willingly from my hand. Within 10 minutes I saw a difference; her look of pain was gone.

During the following year Kandy was on the maintenance dosage but showed very little improvement in her legs. She had to be helped up to get to her feet; walking was slow with an awkward shuffling pattern. She was free of pain, and seemed happy. I prayed for her to recover the use of her legs and paws and continued giving her Cosequin. This past spring and summer Kandy has recovered almost 75% of her former mobility! She can hop up to her feet without help and actually run with her shuffling gait, so with the help of regular doses of Cosequin she is able to have a happy dog life.”

These reviews show that Cosequin is a name you can count on to care for your petís joint health. For another name you can count on, letís see what Bob and his Husky have to say about their experience finding this marvelous supplement onlineÖ

“We've been recommended by our Vet to use this product as our dog is prone to arthritis. I bought the product for years through the local vet. Just by accident, I was shopping Entirely Pets for dog treats when I came across the same product (Cosequin DS) at half the price. Same stuff, same manufacturer, same dosage, same everything except the price. Been buying ever since at Entirely Pets!!!!!!”