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FURminator DeShedding EQUINE & Large Dog Breeds Tool - 5" Edge
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FURminator DeShedding EQUINE & Large Dog Breeds Tool - 5" Edge

Item: 10137-FUR
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Furminator DeShedding Equine Tool specially designed for horses and large dogs. The equine and large dogs deshedding tool's unique blade is designed to remove loose hair like no other.

  • Furminator deShedding Equine and large dogs Tool removes a horse’s winter coat and loose hair better than any other brush, comb or rake
  • Furminator deShedding Equine Tool does not cut or damage the coat
  • Spend less time grooming, allowing more time to ride and enjoy your horse
  • Furminator deShedding Equine Tool helps maintain a healthier skin and coat with daily grooming
  • Stimulates circulation and hair growth
  • Brings out a horse’s natural oils promoting a healthier and shinier coat
  • Furminator deShedding Equine Tool reduces allergens

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