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Diatomaceous Earth

The use of diatomaceous earth to kill and repel fleas and ticks is increasingly becoming popular. Pet parents who don't want to use chemical-laden products on their pets often use diatomaceous earth to treat flea and tick problems. Diatomaceous earth (DE, D/E or D-Eearth) is a special substance collected from dried sea beds and it contains fossilized remains of tiny aquatic creatures. When applied, the DE fights the infestation in two ways:

  1. It kills the adult bugs on contact.
  2. It also produces a repelling effect thus preventing new bugs from latching onto your pet's fur.

Diatomaceous earth helps deal with the nagging problem of fleas and ticks without posing any toxicity-related threat to you or your animal. It's so safe that pets can actually lick their coats after it has been applied with pure food-grade diatomaceous earth without any health consequences.

These products are a food-grade diatomaceous earth and thus they are completely safe for humans and animals.

Please read the precautionary statements and directions before applying or feeding the product to your dog or cat. This is a dusty substance and thus you should protect your pet's eyes and nose while applying it.

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