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Doggie Bungee Toy

Tumbo Tugger - Interactive Bungee Dog Toy is a fun new outdoor dog tug toy that hangs. It is a hanging dog toy that uses bungee to create a force for your dog to tug against. It pulls back, it bounces, and it shoots away for them to chase down and play again. It will never get lost or end up super dirty in the mud as it hangs in one place safe from lawn mowers! We have many attachment toys to mix things up. You can also easily replace a worn attachment toy without replacing the entire toy.

  • Easy hanging loop.
  • Green rope toy connector to easily attach and change out toys with clips.
  • Can order new toy attachments or rope connectors if damage occurs while re-using the main toy.
  • Bungee wrapped with nylon sheathing to protect from overpulling or breakage.