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Dogit Nylon Safe-T-Belt (25-40 in)

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Traveling with an animal in a car can be a dangerous activity if the right precautions are not taken. Just like humans, a dog needs to be restrained within a car so that the animal doesn't go flying should the car suddenly stop, turn suddenly, be hit in an accident or similar. Uncontrolled objects, including animals, have a regular tendency to keep moving when a car suddenly stops, and a pet could get serious injured as a result.

The Dogit Nylon Safe-T-Belt provides a sturdy but flexible strap control of an animal being transported in the back of a car, or in a passenger seat. Rather than the dog being able to walk freely within the car, the animal is restrained to a particular area, but it can still move its head and body within the range of the Dogit Nylon Belt. Made from a strong nylon weave, the belt won't break under strain or pulling stress by a dog.

Additional benefits that come with the Dogit Nylon Safe-T-Belt include:

• A standard clip lock at the end of the Belt that connects to a dog's harness or leash collar. • A length of up to 40 inches, providing plenty of reach within a car. • An adjustment slide so the length can be adjusted to specific needs. • A seat belt buckle end that attaches the Belt right to the car seat belt lock.

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