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  6. Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover (32 fl oz)


Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover (32 fl oz)

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Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover is a stain and odor remover that prevents repeat marking and elimination for cat stains. This innovative formula is ideal for removing the scents of urine, vomit, hairballs, feces, and marking scents on a wide variety of surfaces. Not only is this formulation effective, but it is also safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover is made in the USA. This bottle includes 32 ounces of the formula and features a handy spray nozzle to make application easy. Keep your home clean and free of cat problems or quickly restore your cat's litter box to a fresh and welcoming state with this incredible spray today!

Key Features:
  • Removes scents to prevent repeat marking
  • Enzymatic formula works on urine, vomit, hairballs, feces, and marking spray
  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients

    Contains: Filtered water, concentrated active enzymes, deterrent, proprietary digester/blend, penetrate & fragrance.

    Useful Information

    Dumb Cat is a feline retraining aid. It helps the pet owner correct urination scent confusion and behavioral issues. It is not a magic bullet that instantly corrects all feline issues. It works better eliminating the cause of cat issues than any other product.
    1. Before treatment you need to find the invisible urine or marking scents. Use only a LED black light. It uses ultraviolet LED’s that have the correct wavelength to locate pet urine.
    2. Place the feline in a closed room for 3-5 days and retrain to use the litter box. Try different litters until you find one the pet accepts and make sure you have a litter box for each cat in the household.
    3. Treat the located areas by thoroughly saturating with Dumb Cat. Dumb Cat must come into contact with entire urine and cat spray areas to work. Allow the product to air dry. Do not retreat for at least three to five days. Do not spray the product daily.
    4. Urine is very pungent. When Dumb Cat digests urine, marking scent and cat spray it may not reduce the pungent smell until after it is finished.
    5. Be patient, no product works instantly to remove pet urine, marking scents or sticky mucous.
    6. If during or after treatment the pet is allowed to return to the treated area before the product has time to work, and resoils the spot, you have not corrected the pet’s scent confusion or behavioral issue.
    7. Repeat as necessary and follow all the directions for best results.

    Safe Around Pets, Non-Toxic Biodegradable Formula.

    Made in USA.

    Blacklight Dimensions: 1⅞" x 1⅛" x ⅜".

    How to Use the Black Light: You must be in a darkened area to use the light. Turn mini black light on and point at an angle about waist high (30 inches) or lower (12-24 inches) over areas. (Shine all around toilets to see examples of glowing urine). Walk slowly around areas where pets have access and look for glowing or soiled areas that need to be treated. Corners are a common spot for pets to urinate. Examine furniture and check every square inch of the home, garage and car interior. Turn mini black light off. Treat marked areas with effective pet stain and odor removers.

    Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Never look directly at the light. Ultraviolet light can cause serious eye damage.

    Customer Reviews

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    100% Recommend this product (3 of 3 responses)
    By Fran
    Did the job
    June 21, 2019
    Worked as advertised!
    By Beverlee
    Dumb Cat Anti Marking and Cat spray remover
    March 4, 2017
    I am very sorry to say, I used this in my house as the directions says. I locked my cat up for 5 days. When I let him out, for one week he did not spray. But then he started spraying again. So I resprayed the Dumb Cat Spray, locked my cat up for 7 days. When I let him out, he did not spray for one week. Then he started spraying again. If someone has any suggestions I would love to try them. At least the Dumb Cat spray took ALL of the urine odor away. So it would be a good cleaner for cat urine. I would recommend it because just because it did not work on my cat, doesn't mean it won't work on others.
    By Nance
    Portland, Maine
    Great Product
    July 20, 2016
    I have two cats. Both cats think they are the alpha cat, which has caused problems. I have tried everything on the market for cat urine & odor. Dumb Cat really works. I spray it on the item( mainly bedding, couch covers), and then add some to the wash. It works. Other products will still smell after washing but not Dumb Cat. For furniture, I spray it on the area, it takes it right out.

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