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DVM Daily Soft Chews

DVM Daily Soft Chews are a comprehensive dietary solution designed to provide all the vitamins and minerals that dogs need in one convenient chew.

These supplements contain a variety of helpful ingredients that seek to promote the overall health of your dog. Over 24 vitamins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and minerals are included in this unique formula. These chews are great for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages.

DVM Daily Soft Chews should be used regularly to keep your dog in prime physical condition. These chews are also formulated to be a tasty treat that your dog will love. This bottle comes with 120 soft chews to ensure that your dog has anywhere between a one-month and four-month supply. These chews will keep your dog happy and healthy and make the perfect treat for your dog, so order them today!

Key Features:
  • Great taste that dogs love
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • 24+ vitamins, minerals and antioxidants