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ElimiDerm Cream Topical is an all-natural product can be used on a variety of skin conditions to eliminate bacteria, fungus and yeast and is preferred over ointments because it rubs into the skin making it a couch-friendly option.
AxaphenEliminates bacteria, fungus, and yeast Reduce inventory - one mode of action, multiple solutions
SalicinAnti-inflamatory propertiesMay lessen steroid dependency
Vitamin E Antioxidant propertiesQuickly heals damaged skin
Aloe VeraAnti-inflammatory propertiesHydrates the skin

When should ElimiDerm Be Administered?

Bacterial Infections: Use ElimiDerm Cream™ to eliminate skin infections such as Folliculitis, Skin Fold Dermatitis, Impetigo, Hot Spots, and Staph infections.

Fungal & Yeast Infections: Use ElimiDerm Cream™ to eliminate skin infections such as Ringworm, Malassezia, and Candid.

Other Factors: ElimiDerm Cream™ can be used in conjunction with other treatments on skin conditions caused by allergies, parasites and hormones until the underlying problem is resolved.

Product Features & Benefits:
  • Multipurpose use on a variety of skin conditions
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No residue for resistance
  • May be administrated to pets of all ages
  • May be used in conjunction with antibiotic treatments
  • Rapid mode of action
  • Eliminates bacteria, fungus, & yeast
  • May lessen swelling
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