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EquiLite Sore No-More Sports Salve

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Sore No-More® Classic Sports Salve are endless. Formulated with tamanu butter and aloe vera, it is a silky, cooling cream to calm, dry, itchy irritated skin; making it an excellent moisturizer for skin and hooves. For those that have isolated areas of irritation, it is great to use as a preventive from blanket rubs and girth rubs while helping to renew hair growth from previous irritations and lessening scar appearance.

Formulated originally as a Cross Country leg grease, it also it great to use as a protective barrier for cross country jumps or endurance riding. Unlike other leg greases, Sore No-More® Sports Salve has a smooth, silky consistency and is absorbed when applied, to help reduce swelling and inflammation while protecting lower limbs from scrapes and bruises. Also use as a leg sweat, after competitions or hard workouts to increase circulation and to help prevent excess fluid buildup in lower limbs.

  • Made with all herbal ingredients, Sports Salve is safe to use on horses that have adverse effects to harsh chemicals
  • Conditions skin and coat while protecting areas of application. This helps the area to recharge and promotes healthy growth.
  • The Sore No-More® Sports Salve can be used as an injury preventive against abrasions and scrapes and used as leg grease for cross country or rugged terrain trail rides, saving a possible visit from the vet
  • Use as a blanket rub guard, apply to areas to prevent hair loss and scaring where blankets rub.
  • Conditions dry, cracked hooves, and heels, helping to protect against injury that can occur from drying and cracking.
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