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  5. Tetra EasyBalance with Nitraban (8.45 oz)

Tetra EasyBalance with Nitraban (8.45 oz)
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Tetra EasyBalance with Nitraban (8.45 oz)

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EasyBalance with Nitraban (8.45 oz)
EasyBalance offers a number of benefits, including reduction of phosphate, stabilization of pH and KH, and replenishment of essential trace elements and minerals. Nitraban adds nitrate-reducing granules to the water. The white biodegradable granules settle into the gravel, where they are broken down by bacteria. The bacteria consume nitrates, reducing the food for unsightly algae in the aquarium. One teaspoon treats 5 gallons. Regular use of EasyBalance reduces the need for water changes for up to 6 months.

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