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Exo Terra Habitat Kit Rainforest - Medium

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This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Exo Terra Rainforest Terrarium Kit provides a beginning reptile or amphibian pet owner all he needs to get started with creating a tropical home for a small pet. The Kit comes with an Exo Terra Terrarium in medium size as well as the internal contents to create an initial rain forest world. This includes the plant components, accessories, and a backwall unit for a natural environment look.

The Terrarium itself comes with a unique Exo Terra design intended for maximum flexibility. The front part of the Terrarium opens with two bay panels, providing easy access inside the Terrarium for feeding, cleaning and general maintenance. This avoids having to move the Terrarium or stand on chair to access the inside from the top. Additionally, the kit comes with a screen top as well as the Exo Terra Compact Canopy. The Canopy provides the ability to adjust lighting inside the container for desired UV exposure.

Additional benefits of the Exo Terra Habitat Kit include:

• A detailed instruction manual that provides guidance on how to set up and maintain the Terrarium properly. • A sealed design that won't leak liquid from the basis of the container. • A Canopy designed specifically to fit the Terrarium and give an owner the ability to use Exo Terra bulbs and environmental sensors as well from the Exo Terra line of accessories.

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