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Exo-Terra Turtle Habitat Cleaner (8.4 oz)

Item: PT1999
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The Exo-Terra Turtle Habitat Cleaner provides the perfect way to clean your turtle's habitat to keep your pet both happy and healthy. This solution is specially formulated to reduce solid turtle waste and leftover food, to eliminate odors, and to clean aquatic habitats and gravel. This ensures that your turtle has a sanitary habitat to prevent disease and emotional distress.

The Exo-Terra Turtle Habitat Cleaner is easy to use and requires only that you add the appropriate dose to your turtle's aquarium. This container includes 250 mL of the solution that works to treat 1892 L of water (or 500 US Gallons)! Keep your turtle happy and maintain his aquarium the easy way by ordering this habitat cleaner today!

Key Features:
  • Breaks down waste and leftover food
  • Reduces odors and keeps habitat sanitary
  • Includes 250 mL to treat up to 1892 liters (500 US Gallons)
  • Made in Canada
  • Useful Information

    Directions for Use: Shake well before using 5 mL per 38 L (10 gal) of water. Use this dose at initial set up and as a weekly treatment. Keep out reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

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